So. I’m going to go ahead, and get started my name is Christian LeBlanc, and for those who don’t know.

I make almost daily travel posts. And So generally my girlfriend. And I Abby’s back there hi camera woman we like to travel to tropical places sometimes we come to Estonia yeah we’re typically in Southeast Asia somewhere, and what we do is we make posts that are about eight to twelve minutes long, and they kind of share the adventure of traveling.

So it works with narration which. I do with that little camera there. I kind of talked to the camera explain what we’re up to explain how much things cost, and then

I also work with other cameras to make things kind of cinematic, and beautiful. And I like to use my drone. Because it gives that really unique aerial perspective that you can’t get any other way.

And So that’s kind of how the production works, and today. I’m going to be kind of focusing on how. I’ve been able to take that production, and turn it into a profitable business that allows us to continue to travel, and earn money doing it now if you want to make money doing social media of course you’re going to need something first, and that is a following audience.

And So the question is how do you get that audience if you don’t already have the audience there’s a few things you’re going to need to do. And So the first thing you want to do is you want to build a brand why are people reading your content what are they coming to your blog for what are you satisfying. So everyone has a need, and when they go into my blog they have a need that they’re looking to have satisfied when people watch my posts.

I like to think that the needs they have is maybe they’re working 9:00 to 5:00, and they don’t exactly have the flexibility to be out in Southeast Asia. So they watch my posts, and they feel like for 10 minutes of their day they were able to enjoy a sunny beach maybe they’re just looking to kill some time, and they’re looking to be entertaining well that’s why. I like to keep my posts quite light-hearted, and funny.


And I don’t like to focus on negative things. I like to just be that entertaining thing for them. And So there’s all sorts of different reasons people can come to you for entertainment or to watch you you just need to figure out what is going to be the thing you bring to the table post a lot now.

I say post a lot. And I really mean it like that it’s a really tough situation on social media where there is a thousand other blogs trying to you know get your attention, and it’s really hard to grow an audience. Because of that.

And I think it’s getting harder every single day. But the more you post the more you give yourself the chance that you’ll find that that network that niche that you’re looking for you build that audience people will get to know you. Because you posted more.

So they feel like they can relate to you or they understand you, and that’s really important in getting those dedicated fans it’s more important to have a thousand dedicated fans than a hundred thousand subscribers who don’t even know why they hit the subscribe button, and also. Because you never know when that viral post is going to occur on Facebook in particular it’s like it’s such a Russian roulette game you know sometimes post just does crapping you don’t know why, and then sometimes you post a really basic post it just blows up, and you’re like okay my blog is a bit less volatile. But still it applies to everything, and it’s ultimately in posting a lot that people will grow to to be able to grow closer to you my third point in basically building that audiences build a community respond to comments you know for me one of the cool things.

I’ve done that. I don’t see any other my blog blog doing is. I do a fan of the day.

So for those people who watch the entire post there’s like a last little 15-second portion it’s like a five-second portion where. I say fan of the day, and it shows someone’s name, and for someone who’s been reading the blog every single day for like three months they see their name there, and they feel like oh wow you noticed me you know it’s really cool for them to see that. I actually do read all the comments.

And I do appreciate those people who really take the initiative to engage with the content. So I think it’s important that you build our community there’s different ways you can do it. I’ve done giveaways as a cool way to do it to really show again the appreciation you have for your audience.

So now. I’m going to talk about how to actually make money. Because yeah like those are the three main things.

I would say to building your audience. But now let’s assume that you’ve got the audience, and you want to know how to make money. So if.

I were to focus on my blog my blog is my platform that. I consider to be integral to what. I do everything else is kind of a byproduct.

I take the shortened versions of my youtubes, and put them on Facebook. I take the photos that. I got from the day.

I was filming you tube, and put it on Instagram. So everything’s kind of revolving around my blog for me, and one of the main reasons is. Because my blog actually pays me Facebook just hoards all the money for themselves they don’t share anything.

So for that reason people kind of hate Facebook. But they keep posting there including myself you never know they keep saying we’re going to bring monetization we’re going to bring motive that they haven’t done yet. But anyways my blog actually pays me.

I earn sixty percent of revenue earned on my blog. So whenever you see that little 30-second out the 15-second add the one that’s like you know wait five seconds to skip, and then if you click that skip button that creator earns a bit less money. So apparently if you like leave the ad on it like me more money.

So you know, and then also knows the little pop-up ads. So yeah you get 60% of the ad revenue earned on that. So I’m like.

I’m going to give you like a really vague figure of how much maybe a million views is worth, and it will totally differ from creator to creator a million views probably going to be worth about one point five one point five thousand US dollars. So you would think a million views would be worth a lot more it’s it’s worth you know it adds up. But it’s a million views.

So it’s a it’s a it’s an a fair amount. But here’s the thing your my blog is a bidding space. So my ad that ran before my post if it was watched by a Filipino viewer it might be worth you know a fraction of a penny if it was watched by an American viewer it’s worth about two cents to me.

So I did the math on it an American view worth about 1200 P no views. So we have to ask yourself who’s their audience who’s reading them you know is it people from southern Stacia or is it people from North America, and for myself. I have a fairly global audience.

So my ad revenue would be different than someone who entirely focuses on some on the North American audience yeah. So that’s how five revenue works, and it’s nice its direct deposit into your bank account at the end of every month, and it brings kind of like a certainty into your income you know you earn a base revenue as long as your views don’t go up, and down too much another thing is brand deals. So working with companies.

I’ve worked with Google just recently they sent me their new phone, and it’s a really awesome opportunity for youtubers. Because marketers are now realizing that you know putting a 30-second ad on TV is not as effective as having an influencer actually use the product the reason being you don’t know about 30-second ads on TV you don’t know that people in the ad you just it’s just in front of your face if. I use it, and you’ve been reading me for three months now, and you’ve come to know my humor my way of talking you feel comfortable.

And So that ad means so much more to you when it’s like oh this person’s actually using it now you have my attention. And So you can earn better income working with friends than you will ever earn with your ad revenue if you are brand friendly highways you can get brand deals very.

I mean. I’m going to be honest. I’m just.

So busy these days that. I don’t actively reach out to brands anymore. But when.

I started, and when I was a beginner. I would.

I would reach out to companies that’s how I got the camera Abby’s using right now sponsored to me. Because I said hey this is what.

I’m doing this is what. I can do for you, and they they have been. So awesome.

I’ve been partnered with Panasonic they give me free gear. I give them exposure, and it’s one of those relationships where they’re not paying me. But they’re keeping my costs low, and we’re helping each other out.

So when you’re a starting influencer you’re not always going to get paid. But what you can get is free stuff Abby. And I get tens of thousands of dollars in hotel stays all around the world just.

Because we can give them you know social media reach in exchange for free states, and so. We’ve stayed in some places that. I would have never dreamed of staying in it was just like amazing every time you go in there you Joe just drops you’re like how on earth are we doing this right now.

And So that’s like the coolest thing for me a lot of free, and we yeah. But the way you’re going to get paid the most is generally going to be by having the brands come to you. Because they’re the when they contact you you know that they have their marketing budgets all set up they know exactly how much they have to spend, and it gives you kind of the negotiation position you’re like oh you’ve come to me now here are my terms, and what else can be said on that topic yeah brand deals totally berry they can be anything from you know simply having the bees hang down below in your description, and giving a 15 seconds 15 seconds mention to the product or for like something what Abby.

And I are looking to do is working with tours, and boards where it’s like such a natural fit you know let’s come visit your country for a week or for a month, and you pay us per post, and we’d be doing this anyways like that’s the kind of stuff where. I need to find the product fits that work well, and they’re out there they really are okay another way you can make money affiliate linking. And So this is something.

I’ve done quite recently. And I did a post well lit here’s a post. I did where.

I showed off all my camera gear, and explain exactly why it works. So well for me as a traveler, and that post did really well down below here you’ll see it’s a beginner yeah all these things every piece of equipment. I talked about.

I have linked through Amazon now Amazon it’s awesome. Because you can set up a partner account with them in like 15 minutes, and you search the product you get this custom URL a little blue thing there, and if someone clicks on that that URL they’re brought to Amazon for that product. But the thing is they don’t even have to buy the product anything they buy on Amazon within 24 hours you will earn a certain percentage of.

So I’ve earned money on someone buying dog food. I don’t know why they bought dog food. But hey buy as much as you want these links are pretty cool.

I’ve especially when the post did well the earnings went way up now when the post plateaued a little bit wasn’t getting as many views. I did possibly include them in most of my posts. I haven’t been doing it recently.

I might do it again. I don’t know but. I’m noticing now that we’re getting close to the Christmas season the earnings are going back up again.

Because people are spending more money, and same with my Adsense my Adsense goes up. Because people are bidding more to use ads leading up to Christmas. So November December really good months for Adsense yeah.

So these are really cool, and to give you an idea. I mean you make a beginning 6% on anything sold. So again dog food or if they bought the actual camera.

I linked it doesn’t matter. I get 6%. But the more equipment you sell the more it goes up, and it goes all the way up to 10% which.

I’m not hit before but I mean. I’ve been as high as 8 or 9 percent when that post blew up.

I sold like. I don’t know 50 to 175 grand worth of equipment on that one post. So it was a nice little paycheck, and ok post photo licensing ok.

So this is another way you can make money, and this doesn’t have to be a youtuber or anything. But anyone who is a camera, and you’re shooting nice stuff keep your eyes open there’s different ways you can sell your content. And I’m still working on this I’d say.

I’m in a very much beginner stage of figuring out how to monetize my content in that sense but. I’ve had the companies contact me saying hey we want this one drone shot you know, and then my. I talked to them.

I license it to them for two years for X amount of dollars, and now they use it on their website another time. I found someone using my photo on their packaging. I didn’t license it to them.

So then. I made a lot more money through basically saying you either pay me this we’re going to court. So there’s a lot of value in photo, and post content recently Google contacted me for.

I don’t even know if. I can say this. But whatever this photo here.

So yeah my fifth, and last point is filling out verticals. So there’s all sorts of opportunities that come with having a my blog Instagram whatever social media following you’ve built you can you leverage that into. So many different ways.

I mean. I’m not going to talk about what. I’m working on right now but.

I’ve got a few things. Because what happens if my my blog drought is up you know. I need to build other sources of revenue for when there’s a rainy day on my blog, and my blog’s changing these algorithms right now everyone’s freaking out a lot of you are in the scene you would know that.

And I’m lucky. I’m not dying over. But my friends.

I’ve seen a lot of views drop, and it’s tough for them. But yeah where was. I before getting mad at my blog this right here okay.

So building out a vertical. So this is coming soon for being get merch where merch you can buy merchandise from my website. So I’m gonna have t-shirts sweaters there’s other products that.

I’m currently working on that hopefully will be out in the next. I don’t know a quarter or something. But t-shirts.

I want to get. I’m really pushing to get that out for Christmas. So you’re in luck guys you can be the first customer.

So you’re welcome other verticals. I mean I do travel content.

So naturally it’s like how can you use that information, and that knowledge, and create other businesses will make a travel company or like a travel recommendation website they’re all ideas that. I’m working on the only problem is the limited amount of hours in a day actually. I forgot to bring up the.

I was number six thank you there it is this is called patreon. So just as you mentioned before this is a way that you can basically tap into your audience. So if you have a really dedicated audience, and they want to actually financially back you patreon is a great resource for that.

So you can basically tell your audience hey. I’m a travel post maker you know. I’m just in my beginning stages, and people understand you’re probably not making any you start.

But if they really enjoy seeing your content then maybe they’re willing to actually pay a fixed amount per month or per post they can decide how they set it up. But it’s a great way for small influencers or even big ones there’s some massive influences that use it, and it allows them to get funded crowd funded by their audience. So patreon also a very cool thing patreon only takes like three to five percent of the actual amount that the viewer gives you.

So yeah you walk away with quite a bit if you can get your audience to do. I must say. I have used patreon staying in luxury accommodations, and then asking people if they want to do any to you this is the blog people saw the free accommodations we received as us being wealthy.

And So it can be very easily misinterpreted it’s a very touchy subject. But patreon definitely can work for you. But yeah that’s kind of like how an influencer can make money.

I mean if you guys have any questions. I wanted to end it a bit early. So that we can just chat, and you guys can ask questions.

Because I know there’s a lot of like you know uncertainty about social media a lot of people don’t realize that it is a viable career. So if you guys have any questions doesn’t have to be about money can be about anything that’s it how much do you use paid media okay um. So I just ran a $500 campaign with an Instagram ad, and it’s interesting because.

I’ve never done it before Google paid for again. I don’t know if. I can say it.

But whatever it gave me the money they’re like take this post you created for us, and promote it on Instagram, and it’s unique. I don’t know how well it’s working. Because there’s.

So many variables. So it’s like okay. I grew X amount today.

But was it. Because of this or. Because of this.

And So it’s hard to say whether it’s working well. I also have done paid posts on Facebook like actually quite regularly. Because I feel like Facebook is such a twat that if you don’t pay it it’ll you over.

And So I know they give it like three four dollars or like maybe ten dollars for a post, and then it like does pretty well sometimes. And So I’m okay. I keep paying it a little bit yeah.

So. And I’ve never done to youtube. I’ve never done the my blog app but.

I’m definitely open to it, and brands sometimes that’s a really cool way to collaborate with brands is like. Because you’re doing work for them, and their job is they want from you to reach as many people it’s in their interest to give you money to also promote your post. And So I’ve got a friend who he got paid lots of money for this post.

But then they said here take fifty thousand dollars, and promote that post. And So now that post has like a million views whereas it would have had maybe fifty thousand views well his blogs reaching those extra nine hundred fifty thousand people on someone else’s dollar. So it’s really advantageous to try to get brands who want to actually pay to boost your post yeah.

I love music. Because you have really good music holy good okay. So I get asked a lot there’s different ways.

I wanted to test can you say what are the most important character traits, and you have to be a successful youtuber you mentioned being good sales man the technical part making good posts sociable what do you feel. I’ve been like you’re okay my best frame. So that.

I’m. I think it’s like that. I just like filming everything.

So I’m like obsessive. I just like can’t really let a moment slide by without it being captured. And So that as well as just being curious.

I really like going to a new place like it being an estonians going what do they do like what do they eat what are they like you know. And So for me like that’s been a strong point people enjoy that natural curiosity. Because I feel like they’re they’re traveling with me.

But to go back to your previous point of like what you need to have to be an influencer there’s absolutely nothing like there’s nothing that makes you the perfect fit yeah some people have an advantage. I mean I think being charismatic is something that helps you.

But there’s people who have found ways to be extremely successful, and have none things you know they’re not charismatic they’re extremely shy they don’t even like their face on the camera there’s some people who there’s one blog where this guy literally gets millions of views, and only does is he says how to ride a bike, and then he’ll it’ll look like it’s how to ride a bike post, and then all of a sudden he’ll start throwing eggs at the bike, and this like starts crushing eggs. And I’ve got some aliens abusing does it for everything how to make sushi, and he just crushes eggs, and he’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it’s like was he was he smart. I don’t know is he sociable not really like this found the niche, and he really like worked on that which is cool yeah.

So not like it’s such a cool space in that sense that anyone can be on it they just need to figure out what works well for them, and they need to figure out if there’s an audience in that, and they’re almost always is constant creative needs mean to stop when you do a boy yeah like you can definitely start with like just a phone now like. I mean with phones now shooting such an amazing post you could invest in a phone, and maybe already have the phone. So you don’t have to invest you just invest in nothing or a gimbal now there’s Gimbels that stabilize your phone, and like just like that you’re running with a really nice-looking post production.

And So as long as you’re able to tell your story it doesn’t really matter what you’re telling your story with cuz the story always trumps everything else yeah. So I got contacted by startup like eight months ago, and this is right pretty close to when I quit my job.

I had like very little on the go. I was like okay sweet that sounds really cool. I’ve never thought of going to Estonia.

I barely know where it is, and it’ll be a really great opportunity to see somewhere. I wouldn’t have seen otherwise it generally has to be a good fit. I mean if it’s if it’s a really good pay everyone’s going to like consider it even if it’s not the best fit.

So I got contacted by a glasses company the other day LensCrafters. And I’m like okay. I don’t wear glasses.

But we can make this work. So it’s like you know it depends like. I think of the day like.

I need to cover my expenses too. And So. And So does everyone else who’s doing my blog.

So they’ll definitely entertain anything. But when it’s a natural fit like for example when Google sent me their cellphone that was awesome. I mean.

I need a good camera to film my blogging. So it was really natural fit it was a decent budget, and it just worked naturally at the end of the day it’s just like you know you only have so much ad space if you saturate your blogs with ads you’re going to lose your audience you’re going to lose that credibility respect you have on the social media platforms.

Because no one wants to be sold stuff every 10 seconds. So it’s like every time you choose an ad think of it as a cost to you as well it’s not just oh it’s free to me to promote a product, and that’s also something. I like.

I wish that other companies, and brands knew, and they contacted me that it’s not free for me to promote your product you’re actually costing me a spot that. I could have advertised something else or it’s costing me my brand reputation. So yeah.

I probably have one sponsored post per month maybe yeah. So I’d rather get the good ones rather than take quantity over quality. And I think it works better that way too yeah right here now Abby helps me definitely a lot like she’s really great with with the camera, and she’s also very talented editor.

So she’s a lot of the shots whenever. I do you know end up in the cinematic roles or. So I filmed myself but.

If I’m in like a sequence its Abby that’s filming. So she’s really good, and we work well as a team in helping each other. Because uh yeah, and then to edit a post takes probably anywhere from at the very lowest it keeps getting more, and more time which sucks.

Because I keep getting more you know into it, and like oh. I’m going to add a color grading, and now. I’m going to add more transitions, and it’s just more, and more time, and it’s hard to move backwards once you’ve kind of developed a certain standard.

So it used to be like okay. I could cut my posts out of my old school ones in like an hour, and ten minutes you know just over an hour now it’s like okay three hours is like a short one. And So it gets yeah it’s really time-consuming yeah he he handles.

I see every email that comes in. But he actually is the one that will initiate the conversation he’ll set up calls Skype calls whatever cuz unfortunately just not have the time to keep up with that anymore. But it’s a good system if you can find someone they work well with, and definitely you know what it’s that’s a really good question cuz there’s a lot of youtubers who have done posts with like oh my gosh she tube’s killed a relationship, and it definitely can put strains on relationships.

Because you know it’s let’s say. I was at home, and we just want to watch a movie but. I’m like how.

I didn’t film enough today. I need to go do something that’s blog worthy you know that’s stress on the relationship or if Abby wakes up, and she’s not feeling that beautiful that day. And I’m like Abby what’s up.

I have a pimple on my face these are real events you know it introduces stress. And So you just need to find like boundaries. I guess.

And I think the best thing that. I did was recently. I said.

I’m not doing daily blogging. Because I want to be able to be at home, and sit on the couch, and decide it today is not going to be a post. I just don’t want to put a post up.

So that’s been really good yeah yeah that’s a good question. I’m really OCD. So I don’t like sitting sit down for long anyways.

So like for me. I was out of Beach when I was younger.

And I just got bored real quick anyway. So I needed something to do for me it’s perfect it’s like. I way rather be flying my drone on the beach then sitting on it.

So my enjoyment almost sometimes comes more from editing the post which is really weird to say but I like. I love re reading that sunset where.

I’ve like thrown together the colors, and like yeah since. I enjoy things in a weird way but I do enjoy being there to being in the present moment sometimes you just got to put the camera down, and just appreciate things yeah Budi both alone the boutique of Oklahoma future oh just no not really yeah yeah same reason.

I put my job is like it’ll work out guys want to talk to you one-on-one over here hang up. I’m at Hey.

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