What’s up guys my name is Christian LeBlanc. And I’m a Canadian travel blogger just as March. I had the incredible opportunity of partnering with travel Alberta to share with you one of the pride, and joys of Canada from the city life to the mountain.

I got the opportunity see most of its highlights. And I wanted to put together a nice little post to explain to you how you can make the most of your trip to Alberta now if you’re debating going. I want to settle this for you Alberta is one of the most beautiful places in the entire world each season has its own beauty, and its own experiences that it has to offer now there’s two logical points of entry if you’re flying into Alberta the first is flying into Calgary, and the second is flying into the City of Edmonton now if you do start your trip from Edmonton simply follow this itinerary in Reverse.


I’m going to make the assumption you’re flying into Calgary. Because it’s the biggest of all the cities, and it’s generally the most well visited now this guide is not going to focus much on the city life in Alberta both Edmonton, and Calgary have awesome restaurants, and incredible hockey culture whether you’re reading the Edmonton Oilers in their brand new stadium or the Calgary Flames you’re in for an incredible match, and an incredible atmosphere you need to do a little more passing the poor check could be a little stronger after you’re done with the game go, and check out the nightlife there’s a lot of amazing restaurants, and lastly one of the attractions you’ll notice that isn’t advertised is the people the people of Alberta are incredible after a couple of great days hanging out in the city rent a car. Because it’s really the only way you can get around Alberta let’s start with the beautiful kananaskis country this incredible park is a natural wonder kananaskis will give you your first glimpse of the beauty that Alberta has to offer my friend who showed us around actually got special permission to fly as drone here this is just a friendly reminder that you cannot fly your drone in any national or provincial parks without getting permission, and by the way it’s near impossible to get my favorite activity of all also comes out of kananaskis, and that is taking a helicopter tour over the beautiful mountain range we use Rockies heli Canada they were incredible they show some of the most beautiful sights we’d ever seen, and even drops us off to go do some snowshoeing that will definitely be a costly package if you choose to do something like that if you have the budget it’s definitely a must they also have shorter, and more affordable trips that might be better for your budget head on to the next city which is kenmore kenmore is a beautiful quiet little city tucked away in the mountains it’s a great place to grab dinner grab a coffee or whatever you need you can even spend the night here we unfortunately didn’t spend any time in the city of Canmore.

But we had one incredibly memorable stop here with Mad Dog Mad Dogs is a dog sledding company that lets you experience dog sledding like it’s meant to be done this is an incredibly authentic Alberta experience, and you can definitely tell that they put the dogs first now sometimes getting from place to place can be a bit of a hassle not when you’re driving through this part of Alberta it is nothing. But beautiful mountain scape as you drive from destination to destination it will feel like a movie it is way too beautiful even the post does these mountains no justice this is something that you’ll have to see for yourself next destination is bamp bamp is without a doubt the most visited destination in the rocky mountains this here is a bit of a tourist hub, and it has some incredible hotels a lot of amazing restaurants, and some even better coffee shops we have the extreme pleasure of staying at the luxurious moose hotel, and enjoying their incredible spa treatments it’s definitely going to run you on the expensive end. But if you’re in that price range we have nothing.

But incredible things to say about it. I really fund an easy activity to do in Banff especially for a family is to take up the Banff gondola all the way to the top of the mountain it’s $50 Canadian for adults, and about 25 for children definitely a decent way to spend half a day up on the mountains getting a great panoramic Vista of the iconic Rocky Mountain Range a couple noteworthy coffee shops in Vance our wildflower, and my personal favorite whitebark. I had an amazing chocolate egg if you didn’t go skiing on a trip to the Rockies did you ever really visit the Rockies lucky for you there’s some incredible skiing, and snow in this area we actually spent a couple nights up on the mountain at sunshine lodge Mountain there’s just one hotel at the very top, and if you want to enjoy skiing ski off privileges this is a great hotel there’s something really cozy about being tucked away in your warm hotel room as you’re surrounded by vast amounts of snow the skiing here was pretty good unfortunately our day there didn’t have the greatest conditions.

But one thing. I did note was that there was quite a bit of flat terrain which can be a bit difficult if you’re a snowboarder another extremely well reviewed mountain that. I’ve unfortunately not had the chance to visit is Lake Louise ski resort between Lake Louise, and sunshine you’ve got a couple of awesome mountains to choose from this will definitely make for a great skiing trip once you’re done with your skiing you’ll notice that there’s a very iconic hotel right on Lake Louise, and that is the Fairmont the Fairmont is a happening place they have a frozen fortress that makes for some awesome posts they have some hockey on the ice, and of course they have a view overlooking the beautiful Lake Louise now when we were there the lake was completely frozen over, and covered in snow.

And So you didn’t get to see that incredible iconic blue color that the lake turns into during the spring. But depending on when you’re there you might see some of that blue water make sure you google Lake Louise, and see for yourself if you’re looking to experience some fine dining in bath make sure to check out the sleeping Buffalo. I have the wild boar, and absolutely loved it dinners are definitely not cheap.

But if you want to get something unusual like caribou or elk make sure to check out the sleeping Buffalo now after however many days you decide to spend in Banff it’s time to experience another one of the Canadian national treasures this here is the ice field parkway this is making getting from destinations a to be one of the most enjoyable experiences of your entire day assuming the weather cooperates unfortunately we did not have the cooperation of Mother Nature, and we faced what was known as a whiteout this simply means that there was so much snow coming down that we couldn’t even see the mountains. But on a day when you can see the mountains, and a beautiful blue sky this will be Instagram goals in a house make sure you have your camera ready at all times this 230 kilometers stretch will bring you from Banff all the way to your next destination which Jasper if you haven’t already seen a few of these guys I’d be surprised Jim’s just getting a few licks in Samantha there’s a lot of wildlife in vamp.

But the ice field parkway is next-level everything ranging from mountain goats to elk to caribou, and potentially even seeing some bears my good friend from Kenmore was telling me that in the right season he’ll see grizzly bears or black bears more often than not when he takes out his mountain bike being massive wildlife on the side of the road is just part of his daily life similar to banff jasper is a very picturesque little city surrounded by mountains jasper is quite a bit quieter, and quite a bit smaller than banff. But it’s definitely a must-see destination we stayed at the incredible Fairmont Jasper which was almost like a log cabin feel definitely not cheap. But highly recommended it’s situated right on this beautiful lake overlooking Mount Pyramid here’s one of the time-lapse as.

I shot once you’re ready for an action-packed day, and Jeff for check out raka boom mountain adventures we had an incredible guide that took us to the frozen over waterfall. But first to get there we have to rappel down a 35 meter cliff this is definitely not for everyone. But Abby.

And I absolutely love this the guy helps you strap on all your tools teaches you how to use them everything from your eye stick to your crampons which are these little knives if you stick on your feet. So you can dig into the ice once you’re ready to go your adrenaline will start to kick in, and get ready to hold on to the side of a nice base it’s definitely a bit of a scary experience. But extremely rewarding at the end of it.

I definitely would say this is a month after ice climbing. I’m sure you’ll be pretty hungry the next thing you’ll want to do is grab either lunch or dinner at evil days evil days is actually a restaurant that we were recommended by somebody we met in Edmonton, and their recommendation could not have been any better. I had one of the best meals.

I’ve ever had it was a fusion of Mexican, and Indian food come here get the el diablo one of the best meals. I’ve ever had a couple other notable activities in jasper are simply going hiking sightseeing viewpoint hunting or going to the fairmont, and ice skating on the frozen over lake depending on whatever season you’re there those are just a few of the things I was able to experience in a very short timeframe. But I always recommend you do your own research.

Because there’s many things that. I will miss now the next option is either to go all the way back to Calgary, and call the end of your trip or if you want to really do the Tour de Alberta let’s keep going all the way to Edmonton Edmonton is the city filled with some of the friendliest people. I’ve ever met we have some incredible dinners here some incredible cocktails, and we even got to experience North America’s largest mall also known as the West Edmonton Mall there’s an indoor theme park with a roller coaster there’s a pirate ship there’s a water park, and there’s live concert here if you weren’t able to experience the hockey game in Calgary make sure you feed here in Edmonton.

Because their stadium is to die for, and this is probably one of the biggest hockey cities in all of Canada, and all of the world if you’re looking for an awesome meal here in Edmonton check out El Cortez, and get the posit a cocktail seriously one of the most memorable, and delicious meals. I ever had if you’re still looking for another thing to do, and want to test your luck go to Elk Island this is one of the places you can see the massive creature is known as the Bison they have two different species of bison, and they even have a large population of moose unfortunately we didn’t see anything other than this guy today. We’ve been relatively unlucky our luck has turned though for the better we are about to show you a porcupine in a tree Tinky this was an unforgettable week in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world.

I want to thank travel Alberta for having us. And I want to encourage you to go, and check it out for yourself. I have a new, and extensive Travel Guide coming out for Thailand very very soon.

So make sure to check out my website LOC LeBlanc’s comm go to law school on comm join the mailing list, and just like that you’ll be up to date for when new travel guides are really let’s get lost again in the next one. I got it.

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