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Where ever you go it’s very much important that you have a relishing time either it is professional or a normal family tour. And mostly when we visit abroad to the states and mostly to Paris. It becomes more important that some where we stay, we get a good ambiance and that should be full of luxury and comfort. Talking about a hotel that deserves a four star for its ambiance and comfort is the hotel Relais saint sulpice that was built on 18th century as a private home of Mr. Francisque Gay who was considered as the man of great moral to stand with courage.

Being a publisher and during the Second World War, his publishing house got to be the centre point of resistance against the Nazis. He was one of the closest aquitance of a politician and an ambassador to Canada. This house was converted to hotel with around 26 bedrooms on the third floor and is provided with an elevator. This hotel is quite different in comparison to other hotels like that of hotel prince de conde. This hotel is located in the heart of the medieval Paris that is enclaved of the city walls. This hotel is having a collection of curious, art crafts and objects from Africa.

They have many things that are quite attractive and have a royal look to enhance the beauty of the hotel. They have wooden furniture from the empire and art of the nouveau periods that include the reprinting of Viennese fabric by Joseph Hoffmann. Rather than these this hotel is consistent with its valuable architecture and has great arts and paintings of landscapes of Japanese gardens, hand printed by Zuber who had a collection of traditional sculptures wood blocks and scenic wall papers.

Facilities in the hotel:-

The differences between the hotel prince de Contiand the hotel relais saint sulpice even lie with the services they provide and they are greatly different from each other. The hotel relais saint sulpiceis provided with bar and salon and even provided with the royal breakfast and the services are at the door step whenever required and the room rates are quire relaxing. This hotel is provided with different kinds of bedrooms as required by the customer which are like classis, superior and deluxe that differs from each other with certain provisions that are quite unique among themselves.

The food and the drinks are really demanding as they are quite delicious and touch the soul of the person. They are really relishing and are most demanding as a royal treatment. This hotel is bounded with certain visits nearby that are full of distinct and charm and is considered to be best with the visit to 6th arrondissement on the left bank of the seine. It is even easy to visit the major historical monuments in the central Paris from this hotel that is easy to walk home to in the evening and can even be done with the taxi cabs and taxi ranks nearby.

The most important thing that we all prefer to do when we visit out and that is called shopping. So this place is called as the shopping paradise which is surrounded by the shopper’s heaven with the well-known brands and names that have been into service since a long time.


To feel the luxury treatment and the heavenly abode of Paris, visit the places nearby its best to stay here with the family and make the best experience.

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