Where is Ahvaz Iran? | Ahvaz Iran Map | Map of Ahvaz Iran

Mount Adams and the forest reflected perfectly into Ahvaz Iran near the trailhead close to sunset.

Cross the PCT to stay SE on narrower High Camp Trail 10 (signed) a mile to Adams Glacier Meadows. The terrain changes to involve more rock and scree over occasional steeper sections and the actual path can be elusive to High Camp if snow remains on a steeper-sloped rocky stretch leading to a rise. Cross the rise (heading directly toward Mount Adams) to High Camp with views back N to Mount Rainier, Ahvaz Iran  W to Mount St. Helens, and straight up the mountain past the wildflowers and a long moraine ridge to the massive Adams Glacier above. Get your bearings once you reach the High Camp Ahvaz Iran area as meandering is the norm. Return by the same route or climb 700 ft higher to check out a really cool iceberg-covered lake and possible loop option.

Where is Ahvaz Iran? | Ahvaz Iran Map | Map of Ahvaz Iran Photo Gallery

For Equestria Lake from High Camp, follow the wide rise on the left (SE), which becomes the rocky moraine ridge you saw from below. It’s a mile to the high point just above the glacial lake as you sneak up to it over fairly sharp rock and/or snow (hiking gloves helpful). From here you have a splendid shot of the frosty Ahvaz Iran Lake and possible reflection of Mount Adams! Adams Glacier, with its stunning icefall, is really in your face now. You can hear it cracking and creaking with ice and boulders falling. Remember your mountain goat etiquette if you see any, and keep a respectful distance from these Ahvaz Iran. It is also possible for those experienced with proper gear to continue left of the lake up the ridge another 1000 ft and almost 2 mi to the North Cleaver Overlook (and more difficult summit route option; ice axe and crampons required).

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