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We’ve just cleared through security. And I’m about getting a plane here is all crazy last night. I had the most disrupted sleep like.

I probably woke up every hour on the hour there was like a drunk guy that came in a – he was like shouting there was like it well leaving through the night to get planes or whatever wasn’t a great sleep but, I’ll get showered onto her in Bangkok, and, I’ll be ready to go one of the easiest flights. I’ve ever done we were here in like hour-and-a-half thank you very much. I was given an exit aisle.

So I had like all the leg room of the world. And I feel like. I’ve gotten that.

So much like. I’m pretty lucky when it comes sex. I didn’t even select it.

I just randomly assign that seat yeah it was perfect girl my editing we’re gonna go get our taxi right now going to post on road back on cosine Road it is. So so hot right now it’s got to be at least 35 maybe even close to 40. I don’t know.

And I’m in a long sleep all my other stuff needs to be clean laundry day awesome news. I found a true cafe my post would have taken me 500 minutes at my hostel last night here it’s gonna take seven minutes top-load music to my ears some quality Street food, I’ll get the Pad Thai with chicken five minutes later it does arrived, and this is what 50 baht gets you. So good when you’re walking somewhere especially like clothes on, and you’ve got your bag you’ll be surrounded by vendors.

I run strong sell you stuff you need to do you need to talk you need cheap hotel cheap hotel what oh no no no. I’m good no take two today yeah. I’m good no anyways like that we’re walking to warm white hostel which is where.

I stayed last time. I was in Bangkok. And I just old madam like how many times you think we’re going to get outs in that walk.

So I’m going to keep track. So far that’s one huh no no no no we’re all right guys. So me Matt, and Tamiko have checked into the warm white hostel we’re going to be staying there for tonight, and possibly leading all the way through some crimes we right now we’re going to go to MBK which is one of the world’s largest shopping centers, and it’s a great place to buy like knockoff shirts, and cheap clothing, and cheap goods.

So I’m gonna do a bit of shopping right now we’re trying to hail a cab, and or find it took two. But everyone’s trying to gyp us off like cows on road is the place where white tourists will overpay. So they are very very hard to convince to user meter one of the funniest things was when we were talking to the top hooks those right there they’re like oh yes.

I could do it for a hundred but I would have to drive you to the tailor’s first. So literally they must get money based on Commission for how many people they bring to this tailor.

Because they were lowering our fare if we go to the tailor. I had six people in here last time. So this is going to be comfy there has to be at least like six people in the back seat with seven people in there through the metal detector.

So it’s pretty much like any North American wall you can see, and get everything from KFC McDonald’s we’re going to get some ramen right now YUM thank you. I don’t give a damn since anything about post the struggle of getting your ice cream in focus. So this is one of the upper levels in MBK you can buy phones cameras junk power banks, and buy the essentials time is it let me check my fam look at this you can plug it into your iPhone, and you have a fan probably a horrible you see your battery.

But you can do it. So this goes on, and on like there’s actually hundreds of vendors within MBK it’s also kind of hard to negotiate but I recommend talking to like five to ten of them maybe five, and getting an idea of how much they’re asking, and try low-balling if you get an idea if there’s any wiggle room.

So we’re just leaving floor floor which is the electronics section now we’re going to the clothing section, and MBK is a beast you could literally spend a whole day here. I don’t recommend that whatsoever. But if you come here with a purpose a bowl a few things you want you can get it done in under an hour, and a half it looks like it to leaves Canada to get the realest Canada shirts on the market oh very nice photo of this yeah yeah yeah after yeah yeah we’re all for washing hands oh yeah.

And I believe the heart business to be in super real super authentic. I bought these last time. I was here.

I could not wear them. I gave him two largely it assumes you have nothing between your legs. So all metal art dispute price includes transport by CT report for a lovely price of one hundred eighty thousand Bob Ford all fado we’re now at one of the temples it’s not the king’s palace.

I’m pretty sure it’s what full. But then again we just walked in for free. So I don’t know which one this one is today’s Sunday it was free to get into the temple today, and there’s like all this music going on.

So there must be something special going on, I’ll have to ask someone, I’ll get back to you on that. But it’s kind of cool great vibe one of us okay. I can now confirm this is what Bo, and the reason for the music is a preparation for song Quran which begins in like.

I don’t know three days, and song Quran if you guys don’t already know is a Thai new year, and a threes. And I’m back in Bangkok it’s literally like the most amazing experience of my entire e months abroad. So I’m really stoked for Songkran you will see it it’s a giant water festival for three days Oh mango, and sticky rice hello welcome to the temple Oh sweetie sweetie sweetie sweetie.

I’m coming for that booty yeah sweetie sweetie. I’m coming for that booty on my way to steal your girl thanks for visiting temple is a happening place right now got myself a nice coffee shake all the way people just love this say oh my gosh Thai culture random little tidbit of history also may be inaccurate wherever you see tiles, and like little flowers it means that it was actually influenced by the French. And I have no idea why the French would have influenced Thailand.

But someone told me that that was your random Christian travel blog history lesson of the day an absolutely beautiful day here in Bangkok this cannot be real life these two pigeons were literally just having sex on top of the temple. I just missed that a little bit of stage fright, and Here. I am literally still waiting these pigeons to go back to action.

I’m not the blogger my blog deserved just the blogger my blog needed oh my gosh the weekend away they’re kidding as you can see here they’re necking it a little bit oh oh oh oh looks like he’s making a move. But she’s not quite ready she says take me to dinner first looks like there’s gonna be no dinners oh. I’m not that kind of pigeon oh oh all right time to leave the temple stay away from me.

So you take your shoes off, and here is the reclining Buddha you can constantly hear little chip sound it’s people throwing money. I guess this is a one of the practices when you come to the temple you flip to donate your money this is a huge line of these donation bins, and people go through, and put up a bot or something, and every single one of them just left Wat Pho. And I have completely lost to me go, and Matt.

I told them where we were going but I highly doubt they’ll ever find it without me. So hopefully their phones didn’t die.

Because my phone is seconds away from dying tension rising in the blog things are getting hot losing my friends would have been good for the blog. But unfortunately. I found them they’re just up here sweet bitches two weeks ago when.

I was in Bangkok Ivana showed me this place called eagle nest, and that’s where. I shot the sunset well. I missed the sunset.

But overlooking Wat Arun, and that’s where we’re going now. I’m gonna go get a cocktail, and hopefully this time make it in time for a sunset this is why we’re back, and this is the back side of the bar we were literally just right there that’s where the reclining budda is. So this is what full, and down that way is Kelce on roads we’re staying like way down there me we you know definitely why don’t you yeah just took a taxi, and we were dropped off at Colson Road, and we’re heading to our hospital right now we’re going to get like shower, and get ready for the night probably take on Coase on tonight you can get your dreads redone here man in extension pomegranate juice bongo drums this thing is amazing they hollow out a coconut put ice cream in it do my blog blog you have my blog blog you do my blog posts how do.

I follow you how are you you do have my blog alright. I’m there. I know okay no my blog blog.

I’m staying at the one white hostel tonight, and basically this is it it’s clean got everything you need you got lockers if you need them, and the dormitory only 100 baht how much of it 100 did you are low guys. I have not done any blogging today. And I’m not going to today’s like an administrative day, and using it to edit catch-up do a bit of my banking, and all that jazz she’s been in a coffee shop for the past like three hours.

I also had a meeting today, and the reason. I’m back in Bangkok meeting went really well it’s in regards to licensing some of my posts to a big Thai company, and it could be really really good for me. So nothing’s confirmed yet, and until things actually go through.

I’m not going to say who it’s for. But really exciting that the end of the blog for today, and yesterday see you guys in tomorrow’s blog see later. I feel like.

I was in a car crash right now it’s pretty bad that was the worst massage you’ve ever had but I didn’t want to say anything she was that going. So vigorously.

And So fast and.

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