So pretty funny. I was just heading upstairs to grab Blake like the doctor top school, and as.

I get in the elevator well coming down with Blake we get in the elevator with a couple of people, and the people look at me. And I’m like they looked at me for a little longer than usual. So I was like okay maybe they know who.

I am. But anyways the guy’s like you’re still here he has literally just watched my post he said like a few minutes ago before seeing me he was reading the ones in Panama. And I think he said he’s going to San Blas Islands after seeing that my favorite thing to see in the comments is when someone’s like aw like.

I ended up going to travel to that place after seeing in your posts. Because it looks. So cool that for me is like the most rewarding thing Blake.

And I are headed to meet with a. I think he’s a local photographer. I think he’s from Panama City find that out in just a sec.

But here II stood on Instagram, and what better way to finish our last name Panama cities, and meeting with one of the locals, and doing some Street shooting John’s actually from Venezuela is not from Panama City. I’ve always wondered how certain people like John Justin Bieber Instagram, and he was telling me that octi Instagram at one point messaged him, and they said like we really liked your deeds we would like to have you as a featured artist. So for a little while he was actually being promoted by Instagram in their feed less crazy.

And So you can went from 6,000 to 73,000 or something yeah something like, and how many days 15 a that’s like the dream this gear is our copter with a nice cool pool. And I can hear some chimes going off down there. I think it’s with church bells or the organ what a semis game you would never be able to do that in Canada.


So he like spoke with the front desk, and now are able to get on top of the roofs like not not the pool. But like everything for a picture man yeah you got a do. I need create exchange you have to take take exactly yeah the best photos are not the easy one if you’re right first you’re last play the ghost tower except it’s not abandoned, and we’re allowed up here with the building been away way long in it pretty awesome.

I’m just. So surprised showing them our houses would be able to allow us up here like. I don’t think you could do that in Canada but.

I really appreciate that it’s so awesome to be up here getting a really cool vantage point of the city, and hanging out with John it’s really nice to meet other people do the same thing all right example suit goodbye to our very pleasant room, and goodbye to that beautiful cityscape Panama City it’s been a dream, and whilst we say goodbye to you by lap. I’ve got my hair they’ve been up Boykin if you like do what.

I do, and go back. Because basically everything. I do on the road is generally a business expense.

I mean it gets. So complicated in sort of trying to say. And I have to keep chopped up every single receipt, and every single currency it’s a nightmare.

I am good gave about. I want to go on organize myself. And I basically just be on set off food accountant.

I thought you was going on, and get enough of that uber Chris you can never get enough we are back at the airport talk cumin Airport. And I think our next flight is taking us to Mexico City. So we’ll be there for about a three-and-a-half-hour layover, and then.

We’ve got one more flight taking us to cold Vancouver Canada things today’s. I’m check the weather of you yeah those ratings sis’s we’re going from beautiful sunshine every single day ring that’s you have a good day old man Blake taking in his last race you won’t be seeing me for a few months watch this lap feel. I’m not ready to tell you guys where.

I’m going next but, I’ll give you a bit of a spoiler. I’m not leaving the Sun. I will be going back to beautiful hot sunny weather in just a week hola excuse me do you know where Aero Mexico is.

I’m looking for Aero Mexico Oh the staff here just Yusuf they’re like we’re looking for Aero Mexico, and the ladies like yeah that blade just left oh my god what did we do wrong. But luckily she was mistaken pretty well Panama City time to go we are in Mexico City Blake was having an arms war with people he was sitting next to we got separated. So he had to sit next to two people, and he was in the middle he was saying that the guy next to him is basically hoarding the entire armrest, and the lady next to him was not exactly a small woman she’s all sleeping like sprawled out simply cuts sandwich between two strangers on a place to Mexico City good stories one for the book.

I’m not mistaken viscosity is the most densely populated city in the world as it’s not as in like the top five it’s a crazy hectic City. I would love to come back you either say someday Alexis no. I’m not Blake you’re leading us great thank you drop my water bottle, and now looks like when Bay tries to tickle your neck the travel tip for when you’re in a hurry, and you’ve got a wheel super cool what’s up crew there’s a new look what do you think you can get along very slowly started to notice to my distance vision like being at long distance has slowly gone worse, and worse.

And I noticed that probably starting about three four years ago when I was in university, and it wasn’t until. I actually tried on Blake’s glasses that.

I can now for 100% certainty confirm that my distance is going on me, and just like it’s super HD like 4k turning on that 4k vision but I put like spots are so cool but.

I don’t know. I don’t know. If I’m ready to like five pair of glasses what do you guys think comment down below we are back in Vancouver Canada it was a relatively long travel day but.

I actually slept on last flight. So I’m feeling pretty good right now Abby’s on her way to pick me up Blake is heading to the sky trains go downtown, and an awesome trip here with Blake thank you so much for your help yeah guys Blake stuffs all links down below going to check them out hopefully he’ll be back on another trip always more trips up ahead oh look who it is.

But he didn’t pick me up on time yeah thank you very much bye-bye. I the whole time. I was all he was saying bowling, and he was saying.

I believe. I was dying he was like did you know like he’s trying to raise money to like create programs to prevent bullying. But he said he kept saying bowling.

And I was like in my head. I was like pimping 15k glow-in-the-dark bowling trying to stop bullying do you know do you know the dangerous effects of bowling do you think Bobby wasn’t thing bullying. And I was like oh my gosh.

I felt like such an apple like oh my gosh she sing bullying. I normally. I would be like gotta go bye hang up on a tall marker.

But that was just too funny. I kept him on the line but I didn’t record it in time he kept saying bowling bowling bowling Ozzie oh my gosh anyways guys bullying bad.

And So is bullying it will destroy a child’s life oh that’s a human said it’s been an amazing trip. I highly recommend you take a look at Panama my next trip is coming up in less than a week, and you’ll be meeting a new team get lost member who’s going to be my full-time for the next three, and a half weeks as we travel he will be helping me edit making sure that the next blogs are as high quality, and even higher than the ones you saw here in Panama also. I’m going to leave you guys with a little teaser of something that just showed up in the mail let’s get lost again tomorrow hi, and brush.

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