Importance of Visa in international travel

Visa is one of the most essential things that you need to have with you while traveling to some other country. Some of the countries prefer to have the requirement of the visa when it comes to getting access to that particular country, whereas some of the countries don’t require any kind of visa to get access to that particular country.

Sri Lanka is a country which demands Visa while entering the country. So, it becomes important for all those people who are looking forward to visit such beautiful tropical country. To know more about your options to visit Sri Lanka, you can prefer to visit to get a detailed brief on your options.

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What is a Visa?

Visa is a legal document that is issued by the government of both the countries which allows you to enter the country that you want to visit. The Visa highlights the time period of your entry, departure and stay in that country. After the expiration of that time period you either have to leave that country or have to extend your visa for some more time.


Visa is the second most important document that you must have with you if you are thinking of visiting any foreign country. It is advised that you should get your visa approved first and then plan your trip, because without the Visa you are unauthorized to enter in that particular country. Visas are worked along with passport. Applying for the Visa can be a very daunting experience as you need to visit the visa office to apply for the visa. But there is another much easy way of doing it which is by getting your visa made and approved online. You can prefer to apply for eTA visa which is an electronically generated visa and can be used for visiting Sri Lanka for a small limited time period.

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