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Someone has rightly said that you don’t have to travel all of Australia to experience urban Australia. Urban Australia is very much confined in its two hotspots Sydney and Melbourne. And as both the cities are neck and neck in almost everything infrastructure, facilities, nightlife, culture, food, accommodation, shopping, transport, etc., it can become really hard for a traveller planning to visit Australia for the first time to choose one from Sydney and Melbourne. Read on to find out which city outshines the other in what subject.


When it comes to attractions, Sydney has tourist attractions that are more world renowned. It is the city that arguably comes before Melbourne in the list of must-visit cities in the world. Even though, most of Aussies contend that Melbourne has somewhat as good attractions as Sydney; still, Melbourne can never win over the world in this parameter. Now, take Sydney Harbour for example. It is a landmark that is thought to best describe Australia for all people from overseas. And there is no denying that it is the most awe-inspiring waterways in the world. So, it rightfully deserves all the attention and love. But then, on the other hand, although there are iconic sporting venues and impressive architecture in Melbourne yet they can never get their share of appreciation and glorification as much as Sydney.


Sydney can never raise to the stature of Melbourne when it comes to transport. If Sydney’s transport is claimed to be just fine today, it is all because of its impressive ferry system. Otherwise, by no means Sydney can beat Melbourne in this parameter. In comparison, Melbourne’s transportation system is quite good. In fact, Melbourne is a quintessential Australian city with finely developed roadways and railways. While public transport system in Melbourne, which includes trams, is effective to a great extent, it is the private transport system that incorporates Melbourne taxi service, etc. which is most sought-after. Travelling between various destinations in Melbourne is easier because of well-spread private modes like Melbourne maxi taxis. However, overcrowding is an issue with Melbourne.


On the grounds of shopping, both these Australian cities are quite on a par with each other. Both offers almost the same great shopping experience to those who are after big, exclusive labels such as Gucci, Prada, Armani, Zara and many more. Even for the ones who want to do shopping on a budget, there are myriads of options to explore in both of these outstanding Australian shopping destinations. Where Melbourne gives a laneway-style shopping experience, Sydney is largely abound with shopping complexes and buildings.


Well, Sydney and Melbourne have something different to offer to make up what it takes to offer a good night out experience to the seekers. Now, choosing one out of them entirely depends on you and your idea of perfect night out. Where Sydney’s nightlife comes with safety concerns and tends to be flashier and more vibrant, it is Melbourne’s artistic focus that prevails in its nightlife too. If most people are to be believed, then Melbourne can be a better place for you if you love going to bars or enjoying LIVE music, whereas you should go with Sydney if clubbing is what excites you. As simple as that!

There are many other parameters such as food, culture, life, cityscape, weather, things to do, etc. which hold importance in the comparison between Sydney and Melbourne. However, on each parameter, there is only a slight difference between them, making one count as better than the other in this or that. So, it would not be wrong if this article is concluded by asking you to choose the one from Sydney and Melbourne according to your choice and preference.

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