5 Go-To Foodie Hotspots in Britain

English cuisine is highly traditional with potatoes, beef, lamb, fish n chips, and cheese as the staple foods. Ingredients are rather simple compared to French haute style, so it is quite interesting to see how modern-day chefs andexperts are giving it their best to have a major culinary transformation. Today, United Kingdom has got Michelin-starred restaurants, lively weekend markets, hippie drinking places, and street food hotspots scattered across the towns of Ludlow, Berkshire, Suffolk, Cheshire, Cornwall, Glasgow, etc.

Experience an epicurean journey through English cuisine with these top foodie hotspots in Britain.

Padstow, Cornwall

A small town located south of London, Cornwall is heavily endorsed by the famous Chef Rick Stein. He’s got a great restaurant in Padstow, a reason alone why lots of tourists would automatically flock in Cornwall once they touchdown London. The town is particularly big on seafood dishes in which fish n chips is ever-present on any pub and restaurant. However, Cornwall is a five-hour drive from the capital, so you might need to book UK car hire with DriveNow.

Nantwich, Cheshire

Cheshire cheese is what this town proudly offers to visiting foodies and tourists. Local producers use traditional processing methods with history that probably dates back to the early Roman times. So cheese lovers and connoisseurs would not probably want to miss out on Cheshire’s farmer’s market events every month. A Food and Drink Festival is also held every September where thousands of locally produced food and beverage variants are on display.


Vegetarians would find this city a safe haven. PETA had recently dubbed Glasgow town as the most vegan-friendly city in Britain. Aside from the exclusively vegan cafes and eating places, some culinary establishments have set a dedicated vegan menu. Veganism is indeed thriving in Glasgow!

Ludlow, Shropshire

The culinary scene at Shropshire is comparable to London’s. It plays host to annual festivals, highly skilled butchers, a local brewery, artisanal food shops, and a wide range of white-cloth restaurants. This charming town’s main frontier against other cities is its quality food. It’s a food paradise you would want to tick-off on your bucket list.


This touristy city houses some of UK’s three-star Michelin restaurants such as Simpsons, Turners in Harborne, and Purnell’s. These restaurants are definitely worthy of criticism by food authors and connoisseurs, but beyond this, it also goes to show that Birmingham is yet another city that will not disappoint any type of foodies. Not to mention, the local cuisine is diverse with the presence of Indian restaurants in the Balti Triangle.

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