Madam what may. I felt he met Fidel he earns this out. I can get you need you see black Rohan we have the actual watermelon grass with cheese, and absolutely real cheese well good morning blogs another day, and the Philippines.

I’m just with Abby you know dinner yeah, and just enjoying this breakfast on the spine Thursday lunch morning friends. I don’t know how he does it Eric Christian what’s up you got such a fool that wasn’t me that was well morning guys see you later we’ll see ya later, and here’s our uber Abby. And I are back in backpacker mode.

But not really well at luxury backpacker like into the uber to our hotel we should be sponsored by uber yeah. I know we’re just like who bring our way through Manila it’s great we are now heading to our hotel, and for the next two nights we’re gonna be staying at the Novotel Araneta in Quezon City. So it’s a bit further from Makati it’s about an hour, and could be more with traffic.

But we will show you that just about a matter Oh perfect like it smells really gross yes thank you so much full entourage today thank you Oh lovely yeah okay this is a making this is probably the best reception. We’ve had yet Wow this is fantastic.

I’ve never heard that my life what the heck give up a bottle of wine like. I like Ivo Robin. I don’t even know it is basically like the upper management here like all came, and greeted us showed us our room, and they look what they’ve set up for his guys what the heck this is amazing, and they’re like.

I have another surprise for us apparently at lunch deriving lunch in an hour, and then TIA three o’clock yeah they’re like we have a challenge set up for you guys like oh gosh what the heck do you guys have in StarCraft hey come in the door come in the door should be a bit like year the campus redo it like it’s MTV groups. But it’s CTV hey guys mumbles come on time welcome to see if you be Chris Daughtry you can add okay guys you want to this let me show you my app. So that there be kids go get this about you know your whole life here we got some coolness watch our we have two showers.


Because just two showers our mastery massive to thick remedies. I should devote a hair dryer summer can actually do her hair from once in her life girls once one here this is the master bedroom the only bedroom look that’s great new attack we need to watch something you taught something on TV, and if you want to look at cm all. I like to know do we have a green space up look at the pool you should see if we can dive down there.

So we are in Kazon city guys which is like northern Manila. I guess. I’m cutting Abby off now she’s done with her torque huge thank you to no hotel for this amazing, and warm reception we’re gonna be here for the next two days, and honestly.

I’m mind blown alright a crash song Bienvenu all over town. I can literally spend seven straight days in here. Because the room is just.

So nice as so much living space they’ve told us that they have like a lunch set up. I don’t know what to expect as they also mentioned is like some challenge thing they have for us.

I don’t know. I really don’t know. But after lunch.

I’m going to what. I believe is the DJI headquarters here in the Philippines the DJI is the drone company they make the r, and those little vehicles. And So.

Because my last one crashed they were kind enough to basically say hey we are gonna loan you a drone for the rest to philippines trip. So I’m gonna go get that. And I think.

I’m also getting an awesome Oh from them which is basically like a GoPro. But on at Gimbels yes take a look. I don’t know are we ready okay as long as it’s not a lot.

I’m ready yeah. I know that case. I’m ready let’s just hope the beauty queen set a small app – Angela was just explaining that we’re doing a challenge right now it’s a desert they had ten of the beauty queens here trying to finish the challenge together, and they couldn’t finish it, and it’s between me.

I can eat quite a bit or can eat a lot she’s a different kind of beautiful one that eats a lot we just found out with the challenges we’re a little scared. I’m very ecstatic yes smoked salmon, and what was it oh yes scoffs of us we have sliders here, and then we also have some. But block pasta pizza Pampanga which is a region in the Philippines which is known for their pizza that’s news to me when you’re done work you can come join us it’s coming oh this it even got bigger when you got closer what yeah well best of luck to all of us.

I will start it off – bolanke, and this is espresso. So all these ice creams waffles chocolate everything is made in-house this is gold like bringing your entire football team okay you guys status update we’re not winning this fight we didn’t even come close to finishing this like you’re still a mountain of ice cream. But we did our best, and that’s all you can ask for actually just met with the GM here at the new hotel he like sat down with us like talk to us spent.

So much time getting to know us such a nice guy he’s taking is right across the street to the Coliseum you guys might actually know it for one very famous event, and that was Trillo Manila, and not the George Foreman vs God who’s a fighter the one who won yes thank you Muhammad Ali that’s really fought. And I was like one of the biggest boxing matches if not the biggest of all time, and that’s where we’re going. But we’re not going for a boxing match where it is the biggest fighting event in the entire world we’re going to watch animals yes.

I just want to see the events, and see the commotion, and what goes on it’s gonna be interesting, and from the top floor of the Novotel. I can see Telus, and tell us is actually a Canadian telecommunications company that must be a call center of theirs the Philippines is that’s one of the biggest industries. I think like 10% of the GDP here in the Philippines is call centers that’s the only thing that makes sense to me oh.

So this isn’t Rex this is Joon. I know dude a canine to do sir has enough friends Raju no judo judo. So judo is the cousin.

But there’s another one named Rex if he looks the exact same, and he’s famous. Because actually Miss Universe Pia who frequents the Novotel she. I guess she was petting Rex, and it went viral all over social media.

And So now they all wear badges, and little vest that say. I’m friends with Miss Universe Miss Universe pageant people they stay here. And So that’s how this one became famous.

But the gentleman who works here gave me this box, and it was a box, and then he had folded the whole thing, and it turned into roses you’re so nice thank you for asking the traffic was horrible. I just spent three hours in the cab but, I’ll show you what.

I got in the sack this here is a sister hotel of the Sofitel. So novotel, and hotel are related, and I can already see that their buffet is very similar style they have all sorts of different foods of Japanese Indian food. I may get some mini issues.

I’m stoked. And I’m hungry because. I’m like helping myself to all these different curries look at this they have a.

So bus station. I’m not sure. So biased sushi oh yeah Abby.

So I can give me a briefing. I showed up late how are things going. I’ve even got a pass today you pick the saw something for you at the best costume ever man.

But look how much food. I have Verde wow. I could use some pizza.

I’m gonna try this pasta the pasta that Abby claims is the best she’s ever had. I’m like. I can’t eat any more this lady comes up to me she like hello sir.

We’ve prepared to the native Filipino desserts for you they brought me 15 scoops of ice cream today. I think they have a second agenda here was always a little bit room for more dessert again on this case put the boom boom okay can. I try it oh that’s me oh here we go boom boom boom boom.

I actually really like it no. I think it’s really good it’s kind of like sticky rice. But not quite a sweet.

I’m happy cuz it’s not sweet the only thing missing is wheelchair service after eating. I could be wheeled to my room right now let me tuck in okay. So we just had dinner it was.

So they know Anthony it was. So kindly good. I feel like a whale or Economou so.

We’ve got some nuts dropped off in a room, and Lambeau dock which is commonly described as coconut wine or coconut vodka still we’re getting rekt huh delivered to our room that can you get for tomorrow night. I want you bring it to the party we walk in it we’re like who’s ready on time okay yeah that’s not going to look Christian that’s for nope okay that has to open it up babe here are the two goods from DJI they hooked it up the Phantom 3 4k one. I don’t want to sit better cuz.

I have some serious sentimental connection to my flying turkey. But this one here is actually basically the best flying camera on the market this thing is a powerhouse 4k footage Thank You DJI you get it next goodie let’s open this up okay social crush Nene’s drone unboxing. Because people like that kinda stuff unboxing he’s unboxing the Osmo this is a review of the Oz okay this is armed with my mini guitar DJI Osmo ready for action it’s a broken unit hey Joni curse you II know it’s got a better it’s like the worst unboxing post everything where’s the battery why isn’t it gonna hand oh it’s locked right now sorry guys.

I give you ozzie sticky it’s still locked. I give you Ozzy maybe. I should read the manual close over you know yeah there was a fourth lock there’s a locker here.

I get let’s make sure there’s no Z that was scary see how. I’m moving, and Ozzy is not. So this is why you get awesome footage with the Osmo.

Because I could be on the back of a motorcycle. I could be paragliding wouldn’t be paragliding with this. But you could be doing some crazy, and the camera stays completely stable.

But why talk about it when I can show you let’s go do it queen of only she had some trouble with her soul he was always guys you know what time it is we’re back with the Abby Reed blog takeover is the best time the best guys get when’s this while going up fan fest tickets it’s actually gonna be a little confusing because. I’m posting my fan fest, and my creator cam posts ahead of time.

So it’s gonna be a not really in chronological order any more tonight. But if you guys are interested in seeing the my blog posts about fan fests, and creator camp, I’ll have them linked down below. So right now.

I’m just about set up because. I’m gonna be doing a what’s in my bag post. I’ve been saying.

I’m gonna do it for a long time now. So why not do it now in a beautiful hotel room we got room to film let’s do it your bag porn goal. So we’re gonna go shop for cushions anybody honestly go sit behind the table you thought.

I meant under the table he’s mad no go on it Mel C you know a travel blogger needs to be equipped to go anywhere it’s 3:15 right now we have fan fest tomorrow. I may as well end off the blog here nothing good happens after 3:15 a.m.

Let’s get lost again tomorrow you guys fun of the day yay my bag is back there Abby’s bags back there this is bad news whether it is Ron.

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