Hey today is days something here in Thailand, and we’re going to be going exploring Raley why is my lens. So foggy just about to check out of my place here at the Pusa wind resort, and it’s kind of hard to spell, I’ll just include it here you know what it is this place totally reminds me of Avatar it’s like strange plants huge cliff faces, and strange birds, and monkeys running around thumbs up for avatar you guys we are just 15 away from 30,000.

So it’s definitely the air conditioning that’s causing the fogging of my lenses. But it burns off in a couple of seconds. I have to say though.

I am. So impressed with this camera, and this lens here is 14 by 140. So it has incredible zoom range it’s just like the all-in-one travel lens.

I love it. I’m gonna go into town. And I’m meeting with Matt very very soon this is what Rayleigh looks like by day there’s tons of little alleys which is exactly why.

So creepy last night when I was walking alone kind of a shame. But it’s.

Because the resorts buy their property, and then they want to keep it to themselves they just put giant fences up around everything there is literally a full family of monkeys here just now what else inform there’s like five or six monkeys is broke into that room right there. Because the balcony they must left the door open, and they help themselves to everything in the minibar fridge there’s ones drinking coke on the balcony. I saw three others taking Pringles you’ve got to definitely keep life interesting old alright.


So this is the east beach on ray LA, and yesterday. I got dropped off here by boat, and you may have remembered that there was actually no water at this section. So the tide comes in, and out where the water is now that’s where all those little crabs work.

So I just checked into the sunrise tropical resort here on the east side of the beach which is perfect. Because tomorrow morning, I’ll be getting up super early with Matt, and the sunrise is right there. So the rooms not ready till 2:00 but.

I’m gonna go get some lunch. I think Matt will be here in like an hour, and check out the view this is the outside of the resort pretty swaggy this here is the west side of the beach. I got here in like five minutes there’s Matt that’s advertising right there you can either look at the menu or you can look at the pizza.

So you may remember him as slow-motion dreads guy Matt Matt has just arrived in railay that was. So good you come to Thailand make sure you get massaman curry it’s delicious this is better than a soap opera this one is. So pissed off holy oh this is a fight, and a half.

So it’s now 2:00 p.m., and we’re checking into sunrise tropical resort here on East Beach couple cop that’s the door that’s the bed, and this is the bathroom the shower.

So nicely seasoned here, and it smells like lemons. I love it we’re gonna be here for the next two days after that. I think we might go to either like koh lanta koh pipi or maybe back to bangkok having really figured it out still up in the air oh it’s gross it’s like really steamy, and warm let’s say oh this is how people die like.

I’ve seen this in posts give me back my Attis the normally that throw a pigskin a quarter-mile he talks the talk. But he doesn’t walk the walk right okay we started off down there our resorts right there, and we’re walking along the east beach, and we’re going to a viewpoint somewhere over here it’s so cool that’s the mid of the world caveman all right guys the lagoon view point somewhere up there you can tell these guys do this all the time.

I was let’s complain. I’m doing it flip-flops but. I’m not the only one all right guys.

We’ve been climbing up this way for about 5-10 minutes now feel like. I’m in the Amazon squeeze through here get my sweat on today oh very cool see you later. So here’s the viewpoint, and we’re staying just over there the tides out.

I think we’re going to come back tomorrow. Because the tides actually out right now. And So you only got the one side that has the water on it if we come earlier in the morning both sides of the rail a beach will be surrounded by water.

I was just taking some pictures, and one guy’s like oh are you Christian LeBlanc, and he was telling me that him, and his buddy we’re using my posts to do their research for traveling. So pretty cool, and then. I met another guy, and he said he’s met Ben brown.

I was like ah chill cuz. I would like to meet bed brown one day. So we went to the viewpoint, and now we’re going to the lagoon which is only a hundred meters away, and this literally looks like Jurassic Park like look at these massive palm trees just kind of feels like you’re in this strange foreign planet it’s too beautiful to be true look at this tree like that thing looks like it’s prehistoric you could definitely do a Tarzan cosplay.

So if you plan to come to the lagoon make sure you bring good hiking shoes Addas are not doing it today look how steep this is it feels like it’s naturally made for climbing though. Because if you look at the pieces it’s similar to what you’d see at a rock climbing wall came down another level we’re almost the lagoon back yep come over here there’s a hole in the rock, and then you follow this rope all the way down all right it is my dream to go through the hole, and hear it. I think it’s a hyoeun all right my turn to come down the hole all this strenuous rock climbing we are finally here, and the lagoon is just feet away wow this is amazing oh really what feels.

So crazy. So it’s like a natural amphitheater with only one entrance that we know of right there, and if it gets blocked off we’re gonna have to fight to the death he’s going they’re going first start me my foot just sunken below my knee or above my knee. I see you.

So such an uncomfortable feeling it’s gross you don’t know what’s under there just trudging through the mud oh yeah my bad look at this. So there’s all these sculptures that have been made out of mud it’s kind of creepy actually, and we’re heading back down Matt’s just down there it’s so beautiful.

But bring shoes that’s such a stick hike you guys are out here make sure you do the lagoon, and viewpoints gosh it’s a lemur. I think the different kind of monkey my dome. So one thing.

I found out while being here is that if you guys want to cut cost you can actually sleep on the mainland get a hotel or a hostel there, and pay a lot less, and simply take a longtail boat in to railay in the mornings. Because it only takes like 10 to 15 minutes by boat to get here. And I guess you could save a lot of money that way.

Because the cheapest place. I’ve seen to stay in Raley. So far has been 800 baht which is like 25 dollars.

So it’s not cheap to stay here that’s for sure. But if you have the money. I recommend it it’s a lot of fun being here, and absolutely stunning.

So we just hiked up there, and the lookout is right here we’re going to go check out the sunset, and we’re going to go get some dinner on the west side this is the West beach, and it is. So beautiful it’s so much lightning back there this is incredible lighting behind us, and there’s rain rolling in just in front of us really cool sunset we’re getting some dinner now.

I’m blogging with my gh4 on a extension pole right now kind of awkward. I don’t know how people do it just enjoying some pizza here for dinner, and the rain is starting to slow down nothing like a good dramatic end to a sunset my feet are all muddy at once again. I thought.

I was done with this today Thai pancakes great form. So they cook it up hold it up, and then they smother it in whatever you get your tell a peanut butter, and then they cut it up into little bite-sized pieces, and you have a Thai pancake to top it off let’s get a fruit shake one cup thank you just finished editing my blog, and, I’ll have to get it uploaded tomorrow. Because the internet here is not working at all the Sun is rising at like 6:30 a.

M. So I’m going to bed right now that’s the end of todays blog, I’ll see you guys tomorrow bright, and early, and no. I do not come up with my conclusion to my blogs for right now.

I’m just gonna stick with this see you guys tomorrow you.

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