Hey everyone. So I am just running out the door right now it’s a little later than expected.

So it’s 11 o’clock. I want to leave my house at 9:00, and look, and our road trip has begun Christian we are waiting at the border right now this is the border that’s about not too far from our house wanna see the better version of the blog it’s up in my blog blog officially decided to take theirs to the road trip alone Christian. I always weren’t working out just gonna use the bathroom thank you.

So much not in the bus roll em in the forest rollin in the porch – two minutes, and borscht mega wraps under then you say Porsche. I say face little better just resonate. I paid you that Crippin never step foot, and now somebody else guys.

We’ve arrived at the Pan Pacific where we will is staying for two nights, and oh my gosh. I’m gonna pretend. I haven’t seen it yet let’s start see if anyone’s home welcome hello miss lady do you mind showing me around okay okay.

So this is the hallway that’s all with you we have our living dining rooms this is our dining table it’s great you can see it up to eight people yeah please do show me what’s out here oh it’s a lick there’s a lake over here Wow, and apparently right below here is the tram line that runs it used to be called the self lake unit Union Union train which is the acronym is. So then they changed it people are saying they wrote the Abby please show me what we use the telescope for we use this just to look at the spaceman right there we’re gonna go visit it. But look we can see it here.

So we don’t do that exactly yeah we have our diet living quarters. I guess yeah you could dine here if you wanted to. Because all right you could dine here.


So this is like downtown Seattle right over there. I asked them with that there’s like these globe looking things those right there are by odomes of some sort that amazon owns basically he was saying that amazon owns like 10% of all office space in Seattle which is freakin insane you could have ended the tour here. And I would have been blown away like they could have said all right this is a pull up coach, and you can just lay here.

And I’ve been like that is living like a king the tour is not over yet the bathroom. So this is the bathroom you got your sink your toilette yes we have the shower, and the bathtub you can also look out at the space you don’t want your shower that’s like kind of what’s necessary fighting it, and just going this way that’s like a huge perk bathrobes, and we have two things you can bask in the Soviet you got a little reading space beautiful three stitch. I don’t even know what stitch it is.

But it’s probably bunch of stitches yo television yes for working you want to work out okay who fell lazy to remember creaking can sit well he helps you decide what to wear for the day your hair here this is the walk-in closet. Because we packed to stay here for the next three seasons they don’t know it yet. But we’re staying here for the next few months yeah.

But let’s go to the light thank you a huge amount to pensive we are legitimately blown away you’re so excited this is like the grand it’s right thank you so much, and we’re just.

So excited be here yeah. So our friend Adrian’s coming over in like probably less than half an hour we’re gonna do a bit of filming make a couple my blog posts. And I’m gonna start doing a bit of work.

But what better place to do work than here this will be home for the next two days you guys oh don’t be. So tells. I know you heard it here first ladies, and gents Adrienne hi.

I know yeah you can literally yell. I don’t think anyone here Abby’s good yeah Abby is really good at identifying landmarks. I’m like.

I’m not you have to put your hand on it otherwise. I could let go up, and shoot you much said much said, and that is the Space Needle. So how are we doing ladies the girls throat okay.

So she does really awesome skits are super funny. I’m an aspiring TV producer, and screenwriter. And I use usually these infants get finished.

So we have been filming of traffic. I’m Christian. Because we lost them.

We’ve been filming some stuff just like that blog. So. But time you guys see this hopefully, I’ll be up on their blog or be up soon by the way then we’re going to film over scene No Oh my only food wasn’t.

So cool people are loud Oh Oh. So it’s kinda late. But we’re gonna go check out the Pike Place Starbucks.

And I don’t know go check out that area. I kind of want to get out of the hotel see what’s around here we’re just taking the complimentary shuttle service to Pike Place, and it’s only about. I don’t know maybe five to ten minute drive from here thank you John here this is the first ever Starbucks each area.

I can stop there oh yeah you just look at it yeah this is the mr. Starbucks even got a different logo there let’s get over a couple seconds check it out that is the public market, and this is Pike Place, and this here is the first ever Starbucks in the entire world 1912 is when the coffee addicts began they made coffee cool. I’ve passed this before.

But normally there’s literally a lineup maybe 30 to 40 people just waiting outside. So I’ve never actually taken the time or had the liberty to look inside. So I’m gonna guess they made some renault since 1912.

But they’ve kind of kept with the rustic look which is cool off to take a look tomorrow we’ll get an early coffee maybe would you do you wanna do an early copy the first ever Starbucks be real touristy that’s the end of our tour we’re going back to get some food at the hotel. Because Pike Place is not bangin right now man all right let’s get some dinner Mon Cheri don’t worry my fuzzy yawns sis debut my facade on this table man boozing be very careful loves if il some bar may have meals just right. I don’t know the Pan Pacific makes our food the same way from every hotel like around the world.

But if. So I’m gonna be getting another Pacific burger at the Vancouver campus if ik that was one of the best burgers. I’ve ever had straight up.

I’m. So good at the boomerang disease up my fizzles Bevins hello, and the Space Needle is loot loot oh you guys it’s been an unbelievable day just being here has made my day has made my week. I’m.

So stoked to be in Seattle, and tomorrow we’re actually gonna go look around we’re gonna go to Pike Place we’re gonna go check out the public market we’re gonna hang out with Adrian, and a few other youtubers. And I think we’re gonna go out, and explore Seattle’s nightlife other than that. I don’t know we’ll see what’s in store tomorrow have a good night you guys, and let’s get lost again tomorrow of the day we makeup this is insane look at this view oh my gosh this is the kind of sunset that you you wish for every night it is too good to be true.

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