After spending three nights here it is time to go Oh Bunyan dropped us off here, and we’re now balcony time on chest we’re taking this year little ferry across to cool y’all annoy we just figured out how to say it’s hard to say, and then it has a twin that’s called Cole yeah yay yay annoying. So it’s 200 baht it’s actually pretty cheap just speedboat will take us over literally nobody here, and maybe that was a couple people here.

I got space. I got my own boat. So this is appear here at Cole y’all know.

I just had a vehicle transfer like within two seconds we’re like we hear it, and they put it into this little pickup. So this is some Peter Jackson King Kong action going on there is nothing except that dirt road, and we passed by two of these lizards that were like looking at the car, and like the headlights they ran off into the forest. But they have to have been like you know five foot long lizards little monitors.

And I’m just. So excited to be here this is like not what. I expected from today we’re actually paying for our own hotel to stay here tonight, and just going to show you guys the island.

And I think this is going to be a really cool one to explore rent a scooter fly the drone. I think that very few people have been here before, and it shows where are they. I want to see them what do you think.

So far. I like it it’s like a really like chill vibe to it, and we have to wait like 30 minutes for our rooms we decide to get some food, and it’s just like it’s common. I just feel like relaxed on Madison you Oh.

So how we ended up in this place was actually. Because of someone we met in Phuket this is the ultimate man this is he Eve, and her mother they are family friends with the owner of this place they put us in contact, and just through that personal connection Abby. And I have this incredible place today.

So cool let me show you around. So very traditional Asian style you’ve got teak flooring you lower these four a little previous a. But there’s nobody else which is filled time, and time again we are blown away by the support of our viewers thank you.


So much for setting us up with quail bay pavilion this is one of the most relaxing places we have ever been what is it oh my gosh okay. I can walk around the corner, and sitting on a stump there’s a lizard well it starts at its body with this big is under there, and it’s trying off underneath oh yeah there you, and you’ve got it or you there’s nobody else here. So I guess there’s a lot like one other guest checked in.

So I’d really just like our own private beach, and tonight. I’m loving this. So this is what colleano is surrounded by you’ve got these very dramatic limestone hills in the distance, and that’s the nearest one we got one right over there where we can take a kayak apparently it’s about 20 minutes away yeah you got it here we go no that’s not give me advice pretty cool lovely how relaxing is this this is.

So nice. I was saying it’s like the ideal temperature to this is where right by the ocean there’s like a nice breeze yeah, and just like having this area at the resort is just like it’s such a cool feeling. I’m just like.

So relaxed. And I feel like we were like in the middle of a jungle even though we’re not yeah all right. I feel like just flew the drone, and got some pretty incredible footage, and having a few issues with the drone, I’ll send it in to get it fixed there’s all sorts of sensors, and bleepers that are going off right now the camera is always sort of tilted to the side.

But anyways successful drone flight. Because it came back, and by the way. I showed you guys.

I put the sticker on the other day if you guys want a free loss sticker go to loss live long comm they’re completely free we’ll ship it to your house you just have to shove it oh my gosh you just have to cover the shipping cost the son has almost set, and we’re going to go check the red sky you want to do your email look at this this is incredible oh my gosh oh you feel this time, and now. I’m gonna tear it down tonight what are we looking at here. So that’s depression it’s like a watt but.

I also got a banana flower salad this is Eve suggestion. So I’m very excited to try it really good. And I had the best an anchor.

I’ve ever had here for lunch. So they say the food here is to die for this is the fattest frog. I have ever seen that looks like beauty Pines frogs oh gosh.

I’m not very fast please don’t make me run good morning guys it is the third day here in cool Yayoi we just rented a scooter, and now we’re going to show you around this incredible island today is perfect there’s not a single cloud in the sky that. I can see it’s open-concept there’s no air conditioning, and yet. I feel like the best.

I’ve ever felt. I think any air conditionings making me feel sick. And I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better here, and we’re right near the ocean.

So there’s no bugs there’s a great breeze, and yeah it was a really good sleep. So Abby tell me what are we looking at here here’s looking at 150cc section 1549 19:49 140/90 just Cortina yeah disappointing em it’s not going to go very fast this is like identical to the scooter. I had in Canada like when.

I was 16 years old. I had a Yamaha he knows you know he’s slightly different color schemes didn’t have hearts on mine. But you can tell it’s the pheno by the sound demands respect oh just.

I gotta go gotta go gotta go gotta go. So right now we’re on the west coast, and somebody even say the best coast no. I don’t know pretty sure these are rice fields rice paddies.

But right now the crops are not yielding maybe it’s not a rice paddy right now it’s not apparently the rice paddy computer. I’m making things up right now anyways these guys are just munching away they’re having a great day. And So are we like a Jurassic Park out here except it’s a bunch of grass eating water buffalo this is like one of the number-one exports coming out of coal yow noise, and it is rubber till they tap into the tree they put in it here a little like piece of metal that psychons out very slowly the stuff that they will use for rubber in Canada we do this except its maple syrup now.

I don’t know which one’s better. But you can’t put rubber on your pancakes. I guess that opening right there it slowly comes down here drips down here into their little funnel, and boom you’ve got some rubber in your little pot pot ooh rubber very rubbery day is a good day we have just finished the final shot list for black tusk we were missing a couple drone shots almost looks like it could have been a helicopter shot Blake won, and a nice drone shot with no tilting or panning on the gimbal just a straight low-flying shot over the forest, and we just got that.

So that was the final thing that we needed to complete it’s black tusk there’s a couple little tweaks here, and there that will be made but I think. If I’m going to guess when black tusk will be released probably about two weeks from the time you see this post here going live.

So that could be totally wrong this will be the pride, and joy of any post that. I’ve ever made the Blake has ever made yeah well goes far saying it’s the best he’s ever made. But maybe he’ll agree we’ll see what he says we are very proud, and it’s almost done along just.

So we’re getting lost we just found Davy Jones’s Locker this is where Davy had a little incident with his last ship status update we have sound paradise, and this is what it looks like place is. So beautiful up there with Commack we love to come back once again this is the west side, and you can see that the waters a lot bluer a lot clearer than it is on the east side where most of our cells are, and that’s. Because on the east side you actually have a really strong current where the tide goes in, and out like fire our Beach it was going out like about 100 meters each day, and that stirs up a lot of dirt a lot of mud.

So I’m extremely parched we just found this like Thai coffee tea house on the side of the road, and we’re going to try out with the local three very delicious in fact if you often done right just do it yourself, and Christians officially off transportation duty, and he’s now going to remove from any other duties. Because we just found out that Christians brother is not arriving tomorrow night he’s indeed if arriving tonight we’re currently still in Koh yayoi. So we need to go back to Phuket.

Because Christians secured of the day. So as Abby told you guys it is time for us to leave colleano a day early but I feel like we have found a hidden secret here everything from the hotel to the island.

We’ve had the best of the best. And I definitely think that we will come back here if not we’ll go to the sister island there’s another island called coyame, and it’s literally like a 10-minute boat ride across we don’t have time for this. Because as.

I told you my little brother is going to be landing in Phuket in like eight hours, and this hotel right here quail Bay is a hidden secret like the way that we’re just able to hang out outside be inside there’s no air condition you’re literally just like exposed to nature, and it feels. So good the breeze is constantly rolling in it’s not too hot the bugs are minimal you leave the doors open you have to worry about locking anything. I leave my camera out in this outdoor little living space, and that never happens yeah.

I don’t ever feel comfortable leaving my stuff around, and we’re going to go for one last swim before we have to get the very last ferry going to Phuket for the day, and then we’re going to go pick up my little brother it’s all my little brother’s fault actually no it’s your fault. Because you didn’t plan properly uh you thought my mom did text me you know my mom my mom detects me which is like Liam is going to be in Shanghai in like four hours, and in my mind. I’m like that’s not good he can’t possibly be another 28 hours before arriving tomorrow.

So yeah it turns out he arrives tonight that is on me some disorientation pursuit a princess fun this surprise the place doesn’t exist great fine check this place out this was sixty Canadian dollars about forty to forty three US dollars for this that includes a third bed that they’re bringing is that’s like even more than it would have cost living space bathroom is also a kitchen area okay. So it just got to the airport, and now. I have to find my little brother Liam a baby about it well.

I was Island.

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