It’s like 6:00 in the morning. I’m in the lobby of a sunrise tropical resort.

I’ve probably seen no more than 10 sunrises throughout my entire life. So I’m gonna add this one to the list today’s time-lapse lesson of the day find a platform that does not move when you film. I should not have come on the dock the dock moves way more than.

I expected. I thought it was a flat platform nope. So originally.

I was trying to shoot the sunset on the dock. But then. I realized how much it was moving.

So that. I ran over here in time to set this up. And I think it turned out really well during amazing sunrise what better way to celebrate the beginning of a great day then an all-you-can-eat buffet look at all this good food.

So they of North American food they have Thai food in Thai people actually eat pretty much the same thing as eat for lunch for breakfast, and for dinner, and never thought. I would see a curry next to my pancake. But here we go as.

I sat down for breakfast a monkey just jumped from roof to roof to the beauty of waking up early it is 9:40 normally when I be getting out of bed. And I’ve already edited my blog for the day, and just paid for a 5 island trip in Rayleigh the trip itself was 700 bucks it includes like a buffet lunch snorkeling gear pretty much everything, I’ll need for the day we’re going to get ready.

I have 15 minutes to get ready before we get picked up all right guys our day has just begun we’re now heading to the five island tour, and look at this this is. So stunning. I love it when the tides in.

But yesterday this is where we started the trek up to the lagoon, and the view point. So this is Penang Beach, and there’s a ton of rock climbing going on here it’s also very busy look at this all right. We’ve been on penang beach now for like 15 20 minutes waiting for our boats come taking longer than expected.


But on the bright side nothing like a hard place between a rock it’s the dick cave you got a double dick a giant black dick got a wide assortment tourists everywhere. I only hope it doesn’t look anything like this on the five island tour 30 minutes later are finally on our long tail, and we’re gonna be heading to the first Isle this holiday that one soon we went to the train station. I held you all nasty probies tuesday the manor yeah you what about you Oh you you can Island.

And I wanna doodle all right guys we’re a chicken island. I don’t have a GoPro with me. So I won’t be able to film underwater but.

I can report back to you chicken island. Because of the chicken head can’t really see it from this angle you look closely there’s actually hundreds of fish right below me they’re actually surrounding people. So hopefully they don’t eat me all right.

I’m going in this is talu island on second island, and it looks like you can actually swim through it it gets okay it looks like someone hung themselves there yeah all right. So we’re going to actually swing through that new island through that little cave you just saw hoping to get someone’s footage we’re now leaving tulu island juice town ice-cold beer show me whatever. But then you took the trip from me this is jackass do for the music cute that girl is it it’s a sign love you have guys this is the definition of paradise right here.

So we’re on little island this is also where we’re getting lunch if you do the five island tour it includes lunch which is pretty chill it includes a beer hey delicious, and that’s what’s for lunch just finished lunch it was. So good it was a rice vegetable to the bra there was some chicken, and there was even some fish that our guide had caught. So we’re eating right out of the ocean tasted really good aside from the little bones everywhere.

But once he got the bones out it was delicious. I have a blog from about eight months or a year ago now, and it’s the for Island tour in Koh Lanta or it’s just off the coast of kalonzo. And I would compare this the four islands were.

So far they’re pretty even in which one. I like best. I mean.

I think. I like the four Islands who are the most still which is the cholatse one. But this is incredible if you guys are in railay.

I highly recommend it this Beach is. So stunning, and luckily there’s not too many people here all right guys we are at the final island we are at top island, and basically it just looks like tourist island to me there’s a ton of people out this one. I can’t really complain though.

Because everything else has been fairly secluded into ourselves. But not stoked on this one at the moment this is top island. I show it to you now because.

I’m not bringing my cameras. I don’t want to risk losing them in here you have to swim there pretty much, and walk on rocks. So not worth bringing my valuables you guys are staying here, I’ll let you know how it is over we have arrived back in really you’re a gentlemen yeah yeah we just got back from the five island tour although.

I only counted four islands. I think the last three cannabis – yeah. So count one of them is two.

Because this for anyways it was really really good time our tour guides were awesome the last place we went to is called top island. I didn’t really film there we didn’t really go on the island we just kind of swam around soft sea urchins, and giant clams that literally would crush your fingers if you put your hand in its mouth our guide picked one up, and we put a rock in its mouth, and it like crushed the rock now we’re going to go back relax a bit. I might do a tiny bit of editing, and get a post posted, and yeah this is the only thing in railay that is not exceptionally expensive shakes.

I like there are two things Thai pancakes are also not overly expensive really basically a crepe with bananas, and Nutella alright guys. I look like a mess but I feel great.

I showered however for the first real time. I’m actually actually burnt. I can like feel my back is quite sore today, and it’s funny.

Because like. I put on so much sunscreen every time.

I went the water. I applied more sunscreen but I guess.

I didn’t add enough. I’m just doing some editing here gonna get dinner with Matt, and probably like an hour hour, and a half just gonna be a chill night. I’m pretty tired here, and it was a really full day all right guys we have officially found the cheapest place in railay called mom’s kitchen ten baht for water, and like Deepak remiel.

So still like not cheap. But like for really prices the best scratch that the reason it’s cheaper is. Because the portions are smaller, and yeah after further deliberation with Matt neither of us had chicken in our meals we don’t recommend mom’s kitchen sorry mom hi there sir almost like haunted aside from the multitudes of tourists, and vendors a week we just bought our tickets to go to koh pipi tomorrow morning for 400 baht.

So that’s really cheap slike $12 to go an hour, and a half by ferry, and that’s what we’re going to be for at least a day maybe two days, and then after that. I don’t know maybe either go to Koh Lanta for a day or two, and then. I’m going back to Bangkok for the 11th.

Because I have a meeting there. So this is where all the garbage goes na they loaded up onto little boats, and ship it off in the night all right guys it’s like 11:30. I’m going to bed now, and tomorrow we’re going to cook EP.

So that’s another blog see you guys tomorrow copy night you.

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