The Diet That Keeps Your In Top Health

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The TV doctor, and author of new book Live Well to 101 (Headline Home, £18.99), reveals the diet that keeps her in top health


‘I have a shot of Symprove( first thing,then do a 10-minute workout before showering.For breakfast, I have Alpro Plain yoghurt with VSL#3 probiotics ( plus mixed nuts and seeds. At The weekend, I might enjoy smoked salmon and scrambled free-range eggs on sourdough.’

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‘I have a freshly ground coffee in the morning with full-fat organic milk. During The day, I drink sparkling mineral water and have a glass of kefir. We don’t drink alcohol at home during the week, but at the weekend I’ll have Sauvignon Blanc.’


‘Lunch is very variable and depends on what’s going on in my diary. If I’m at home, I’ll make a salad or vegetable soup or I’ll buy one if I’m out. I Used to have a sandwich,but since having my gut flora analysed and beNEFit analysis, I’ve cutback on bread and definitely feel better for it.’


‘It’s not really about anyone superfood, but I do try to eat a rainbow throughout the week – I Aim to consume about 50 different fruit, vegetables and herbs.’


‘Masses of vegetables!Sometimes I’ll have them on their own and at other times I’ll have them with a portion of fish or occasionally chicken or red meat and lots of herbs and spices. My other half is a fabulous chef, so if we eatin, he’ll do the cooking.We love entertaining friends, so often have people round at weekends,and also enjoy eating out.My favourites are Thai or French foods.’


‘I try not to snack but, if I do need one, I opt for fruit. I love cheese and crisps, so I have to watch myself there!’


‘I’m flexitarian. While Researching my latest book, which gives you lots of advice on how to live a long and healthy life, I became convinced of the benefits of plant-based eating. I think of the protein on my plate as the side and the vegetables the main. I eat plenty of fish and occasional meat,always from local farms.’


‘Kefir and Alpro yoghurt with oats. The salad drawer is always full and there’s always some form of cheese and a bottle of sparkling water.’
‘A flexitarian diet, with the main focus on plant-based foods, is avery healthy way of eating, and provides a good selection of all the nutrients the body needs, plus lots of dietary fibre (90 percent of us don’t eat enough fibre). It’s easy to get stuck in a food rut, eating the same fruit and veg all the time, but no one food group, fruit or vegetable can provide the full range of nutrients and phytochemicals.Aiming for 50 different fruit and veg in the course of a week is a great strategy for ensuring you get the full range of phytochemicals which help protect against diseases such as cancer and heart disease.’

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