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Langkawi is a charming and amazing island located not far from the west coast of Malaysia, which allures with its picturesque landscapes, striking natural sights and famous for its affordable first-class services. There’s a plenty of opportunities for an incredible weekend: you can ride on a jet ski, enjoy scuba diving, explore the breathtaking underwater world of reefs, take a fascinating journey to the jungle and discover the mysterious caves of Langkawi.

Actually, it’s hard to imagine a better place for the full relaxation and Langkawi features everything to make you trip just fantastic.

So, are you ready to find out the major reasons why so many tourists love Langkawi? Well, let’s start right now…

1. Because of the perfect weather throughout the year
Langkawi is situated in the zone of equatorial climate, so it’s almost always sunny and hot there. The average air temperature is usually +26 … + 30 ° C, and the water temperature – up to +29 ° C.

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It’s considered that the best time for a holiday on Langkawi is the dry season – from November to April, because during this period there’s almost no rain. However, in general, the weather on the island is warm throughout the year, so you can choose any season to visit Langkawi. Of course, Langkawi has also a wet season (May – September), but there is nothing to worry about. The weather during this period is still fine, but sometimes “short-time” rains cover the island.

2. Because of the stunning pristine nature

Nature of Langkawi is truly unique and beautiful. Despite the honorable age of the island (more than 5 million years), it has been preserved almost in its original form. For this reason, in 2007 UNESCO has declared Langkawi as a geopark. The incredible mangrove forests, which cover the island, keep lots of rare species of animals and plants. The major inhabitants of Langkawi are the monkeys, deer, hornbills and eagles. There’s also a crocodile farm on the island.

But this is not all what Langkawi is famous for. There you’ll find lovely sand beaches with turquoise water, magnificent waterfalls, mysterious caves with stalagmites, wild landscapes and centuries-old trees.
The most popular spots to enjoy these unique nature creations are Durian and Seven Wells waterfalls, Langkawi Wildlife Park, Pantai Tengah and Pantai Cenang beaches, Gua Kelawar and Gua Cerita caves.

In addition, the nature of Langkawi impresses with its amazing flora. On the island you’ll find fire hibiscus, blue hyacinths, thousands of orchids and much more unique flowers.

3. Because of the breathtaking views

Do you know how it’s cool to catch aerial views of Langkawi and take several incredible photos? So, it’s just a fantastic experience available on Langkawi. Right in the Oriental Village there’s Langkawi Cable Car, which provides a unique opportunity to reach an observation platform (called the Sky Bridge) located at the height of 705 meters! From the Sky Bridge you can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding mangroves and the Andaman Sea. It’s interesting to know that the nearby coasts of Indonesia and Thailand are also visible when the weather is not cloudy.

You can find some important information about the Lankawi Cable Car below:
Address: Oriental Village, 07000 Langkawi Kedah, Malaysia
GPS Position: 6.370645, 99.670914
Ticket price: kids RM25, adults RM35.

Hours: Mon-Tue 10.00-19.00, Wed-Thur 12.00-19.00, Fri-Sun 9.30-19.00

4. Because of the fantastic underwater life
The coastal waters of Langkawi are full of fish and other marine inhabitants. So, it’s perfect conditions for fishing and diving. The best periods for these kinds of entertainment are from September to October and from March to May. During these months there’s a plenty of snappers, barracudas, jak-fish, garudas, sea anemones, lobsters and huge turtles in the sea around the island.

But if you’re not a fan of diving, you can also explore the Langkawi’s marine life in the “Underwater World” – the local aquarium with the 16-meters-long underwater tunnel.

It is inhabited by 4 thousand sea creatures from all around the world including penguins, sharks and the giant clams. In addition, huge crocodiles, anacondas and the other killing animals from the Amazon River are also presented there.

5. Because of the easy transportation and cheap rates

One of the most important advantages of Langkawi is that you can really feel the freedom there in all the senses of this word. There’s no public transport on the island, but the road network is well-developed and it’s very convenient to travel around Langkawi using a rental car.

As for the prices, you shouldn’t worry about it. Langkawi Island belongs to the ‘duty free’ zone, and the rates for everything are much lower than at the Malaysian mainland.
As you can see Langkawi really impresses with its diversity, and if necessary, you can find much more reasons to visit this incredibly beautiful island.
By the way, it’s recommended to hire a car in Langkawi for getting around it, because the public transport is very irregular there.

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