Where to Look for a Retreat Center

Trying to find a retreat center can be challenging. It is important that you find the perfect center for everyone going on the trip. It doesn’t matter whether or not you love the retreat center if everyone else going to the center hates the location. Finding the location can be difficult. Here are some places that you can look to find the best retreat center for you and your congregation.

What Have You Heard

Most churches interact with other churches in their community. Sometimes, churches even go to events together. More than likely you know someone that attends another church. You probably know someone that has been on a Christian retreat at some point in their life. It is important that you listen when those around you talk about their retreat experience.

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As you begin trying to decide on a location, talk to others about retreat centers that they have been too. If they tell you that they had an awful experience, ask them to tell you about it. What made the experience horrible for one person may not matter to others.

However, if many individuals are telling you that their experience was terrible, you may want to steer clear of that location. If you hear about a location that many individuals appeared to have had a good experience with, you may want to investigate further.

Find out about the different activities that were conducted and what made the experience positive for the individuals that are telling you about their experience. Decide whether or not these things matter to you or not.

Don’t Forget to Research

I know that you probably just cringed a little at the word research. Most individuals hate the idea of research. Luckily, in today’s world, research doesn’t mean pulling out the biggest book from the back of the library. Now, you can get online and type something into a search engine. Look for different retreat locations. If you have the names of a few that you are interested in, look at their specific websites. Try to find out what types of activities are offered and what their values are. Find out whether or not the area and activities available is something that your congregation would enjoy. Find out whether or not your congregation will benefit from spending time at the location.


Once you have found a location that seems to fit, you may want to call them up. Consider going to the location and checking it out in person before booking the trip. You may consider asking for references. Ask if the facility can provide names and contact information for individuals that can vouch for their facility and give them a good review. It is important that you thoroughly know where you are taking your congregation before booking the trip.

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