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Pack some seriously loose clothing for your stay at this fve-star hotel perched 1,000f above the Med on Italy’s Amalf coast – you’ll need it. Eating and drinking the fnest that Italy has to ofer is practically obligatory at this family-run, 12th-century former private villa and you won’t want to pass up a single foodie delight coming your way.

Map of Italy | Italy Travel Guide | Italy Honeymoon Guide

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Ease into your day with an obscenely leisurely breakfast in Terrazza Belvedere, working your way through freshly cooked-to-order eggs, yoghurt, seasonal fruits, local pastries and, oh go on then, a slice or two of traditional (and still warm) cake, freshly baked that morning.

Palazzo Avino is perfectly positioned just a fve-minute walk down picturesque cobbled streets to the main square of Ravello, where numerous lunch options await. You’d frankly be insane to visit this gorgeous town and not dine at the legendary Cumpa’ Cosimo, which is packed with locals as well as tourists, and run by the formidable ‘Mama’. Te service is fast, furious – and fabulous to watch. Even better, everything on the menu is homemade and as authentic as it comes. Guests return year afer year for Mama’s pasta and overly generous servings of limoncello – and you will too. If you fancy going further afeld, take the hotel’s limo to Amalf town for lunch at Hotel Santa Caterina, where you can indulge yourself in freshly caught seafood, cooked- to-perfection pasta, and the booziest rum baba we’ve evertried. Te region is famous for its lemons, so expect them to feature heavily at mealtimes. Back at Palazzo Avino, dinner calls. Make sure you swing by the Lobster & Martini Bar frst for a sharpener (trust us, one will be sufcient) before you take your seat for the main event at the two-Michelin-starred Rossellinis.

Course afer course of highly creative dining will continue throughout the evening as you eat overlooking the undeniably romantic backdrop of that Amalf coastline, accompanied by the smell of lemon trees and the sight of boats bobbing beneath you.

Palazzo Avino may be worth the visit for the food alone, but let’s not overlook the generous-sized suites and bedrooms (think chaise lounges, marble bathrooms and sumptuous sof furnishings), the outdoor swimming pool and roofop hot tub, the private beach club a complimentary shuttle ride away or the faultlessly friendly service (there are two staf to every guest) that will give you the perfect honeymoon.

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