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Any amount of time spent in Los Angeles is not enough time spent in Los Angeles. Home of the entertainment, sports, fashion, science, art, basically anything that you ever wanted and everything that you ever imagined can be found right here. It’s a never-ending party and if you are invited, you are about to witness what is a true free spirit of America! But if you have only 48 hours and you find yourself in the City of Angles, there are a few places that you simply must visit during your stay. It’s hard to choose just a couple places from so many, but we can combine history and fun here, science and entertainment, and every resident of California will confirm that these are the monuments that built this City, and are a must to visit.

Sunset Boulevard

Best place to start! If you don’t walk down the Sunset Strip and take a few pictures, nobody will ever believe you that you’ve actually been in LA. Most recognizable part of the City of Angels, located in West Hollywood and stretching from the Pacific Ocean to downtown La, is a great place for shoppers during the day, and during the night it turns into an infinite streak of parties and clubbing. The Sunset Boulevard offers a great variety of excitements and experiences, some might say that it is even too much, but until you don’t try it for yourself don’t judge it.

Griffith Observatory

If you left the party too soon, and have some more time to kill, just walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and head out to Griffith Observatory. You will have no trouble finding it, just look up and you are bound to notice it. Maybe the hike to the observatory is not such a smart idea, but there is a public transportation route that will get you up there in no time. From this spot, all the sights of the Los Angeles are laid down before you, and if you are in LA for the 4th of July, this is a good alternative for watching the fireworks. It’s not all about sightseeing, Griffith Observatory offers many exhibitions and one Saturday a month even free public star parties. Look it up.

Dodgers Stadium

There is no better way to start a day in LA than to visit the Dodgers Stadium. Although it looks modern, this is one of the oldest stadiums in America, and it is not just for the baseball fans! The Beatles played one of their last concerts in it, pope John Paul II held a mass for more than 60.000 people back in the eighties, and it is a place of history as much as a place of sports. It hosted more than 150 million fans so far, and the number of people walking through the gates is in the constant growth. Get a hold of the dodgers seat map when you are visiting, there is no better way to organize yourself before the tour. Plus, if you didn’t have the chance to see any celebrities in LA so far, the Dodgers stadium is where they are hiding!

For the rest of the day, you could walk down the Elysian park and visit the Walt Disney Concert Hall. You will be amazed by its architecture, and maybe there is something in their program that you might like. There are simply too many options in LA, so one thing is sure: you will be back as soon as possible.

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