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Hey guys it’s a really early morning, and Abby thanks for camping on an island for three days.

We’ve got our hotel pick up you’re in the lobby going to subscribe hold on there is a princess, and drops down the altar shop okay you know it’s not disappointing going to a resort for five days four days yeah we’re going to really nice like hotel beach hotel, and the sound boss I living you can leave the toilet paper here if you want. But or you can bring it lower is like hoarding all the supplies like shampoos, and yeah we’re going to it. And I.

So tell says. I’m going to a really awesome hotel right now. I’m like one of the most excluded islands in the entire world one of the most remote areas, and it’s no remotely if you have to pay the local people who own the land to get into that area.

So right now it is like returning to 642 you’re in this car by five, and going for a bit less than two hours right now we’re going through this like really windy. But beautiful road that goes through the mountain the more like hills. And I really Mountain.

I have no idea of what time we get to this place our driver doesn’t speak any English we have no idea if it’s two hours from here or if it’s a day from your people of this area of this geography since we’re actually going through the locals land they don’t really associate themselves with Panama as a country. But they’re the original ones who lived here. And So if you’ll see them hopefully, I’ll get some on film.

But they wear like very unique local garment in order to get on their line you have to pay them a certain a little bit of money black folks get eaten by this German Shepherd over here. So it’s got a soft fort is a little passport checkpoint here that was like way less intention. I thought it would be yeah took us about three hours to get here we have like a really nice vehicle we’re in Portal dibban.

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So we had to pay a 20 entrance fee each as pay a to each for the port we paid 75 where the drivers altogether it comes to about 150 bucks, and you might have a few more 300 against the island for three of us. So it’s not cheap but I think be honest we’ll make it all worth it.

I’m so now our boat is being outfit. So that we can go to the island pretty windy right now.

So I think it’s gonna be really wavy out there that one doesn’t want to go in the water who’s ready alright guys. So we’re both good employment though how we stopped them of the ocean. I guess is probably ran out of fuel in our lives now the Kalibak like a bit of a ride yeah here we thought folks about an hour in a little bit.

But finally almost here we took an hour off really really draw few water in quite windy. And So if not exactly smooth sailing when you’re not to Queensland, and Island you can’t yeah alright guys. So we just got dropped off with the language barrier we don’t exactly know where we’re going just yet.

But there’s a very friendly gentleman who’s helping us. So I’m sure we’ll have that figured out very soon here almost no one ever comes the way we’re coming. But err Panama was totally booked.

So there was no flights going into this area. I’m sure it’s gonna be fine. I wouldn’t tell someone not to do this.

But if the flights were available definitely take the flight as if this we’re getting a little boat transfers we’re not staying here or else on the road again we may recommend just drive like incredibly remote hotel before experience masolino we’re gonna wear black maybe we. I’m just like jaw drops right now be very very long somewhat difficult travel day is all worth it check this place out is hands down the most escape place. I have ever been in my entire life.

I think that’s a solar panel right there heating up some water or something. I honestly have no idea. But look at this this is our freaking room.

So we are unit 10 right next to our unit is the dining area oh my gosh Blake how sick is this literally having pancakes in heaven you later all right after breakfast time to take a bit of a lounge it isn’t sleeping beauty oh. I do more than sleep. I swear.

I’m just tired. I didn’t mean that did. I know.

I know you just came from LA we just had a guy by the name of Dhoni come up, and he was explaining to us on the tour’s work. So there’s two tours every day there’s one today GPM they’re going to the river over there tomorrow we’re going to the beach at 9:30 a.m.

Tommy was telling us the way you know the stories about the start is that he grabs the big blue conch, and he blows in it like an spongebob the magic conch oh the magic card show everyone will come running, and well maybe not running. But everyone walked over here, and then we head out on a day trip we had our Appy, and now. We’ve got position to date Oh whisking dressing Alex good place for your life Oh.

So the Sun sets right behind our Hut here they’ve given us permission to go up on top of the water tower we’re trying to find the best time-lapse location for tonight all right just don’t let go, and it should be good probably like 30 feet up we’re on top of the water tower, and you can’t drink the water on the island like directly from the top they have tons of drinking water. So you just go to like the kitchen, and get them this is the coolest thing about the job getting to experience moments like this meeting awesome people around the world, and hanging out with some amazing friends the cause has been blown first sunset here at younggu, and absolute success very very beautiful unfortunate the mountains cut it off from us a bit early. But otherwise this is a beautiful night, and Blake currently retrieving the time lap before Blake Falls 30 feet with my camera gear, and of course black safety being the number one priority.

I’m going to go get my stuff make sure you’re doing all right where should. I sit okay water would be good thank you very much. So we just had a sample here of what the Thai house is going to look like.

I’ve never in my life been able to do a nightlapse. But now that. I have a 5d, and a timelapse little remote controller.

I can basically tell the camera how long to capture light before starting the next photo, and Blake was telling me that in order to get one second of usable footage you need seven photos no one seven. So it takes 12 frames in other words 12 photos to get one second of post where you get that movement. And So each of these photos takes 20 seconds it’s going to take 40 minutes for us to get like a nice 10-second time-lapse from the sky here.

So we’re going to leave it running that’s our place right there we’re going to go inside relax come back in 40 minutes. And I don’t think anyone’s going to steal our camera here on the island just upload a clip from today Abby is sleeping Sleeping Beauty, and Blake is currently working on another night lapse. We’ve run like five time lapses today the most time lapses.

I’ve ever had in a blog but I hope you guys like them they definitely take a lot of extra time, and effort. But we have all the time in the world.

So that’s why we’re able to pull it off expect a much much more cinematic in the coming blogs guys. I was supposed to upload a post tomorrow at 12 p.m.

But. I already know for a fact there’s no way that’s happening in fact. I might be m.

I.a for maybe like five days which. I hate.

But at the same time look right you know. I can’t be that mad about it. So five days off five days to just like pump out incredible cinematics put the blogs together.

So that when I come back to the mainland. I can upload them, and show you guys what.

We’ve been up to. Because it’s truly. So incredible.

I can’t believe. I get to share this with you guys if you’re new to the blog hit subscribe hit the like button if you enjoyed the post, and maybe share it with your friends, and family maybe show them what they could be doing here in Panama most people don’t realize that Panama it’s such an incredible travel location. I didn’t realize it until this past week.

So I encourage you guys to go out there adventure to new places. Because you never know where it will take you. I’m just.

So glad that Panama has become on my radar. And I definitely know that, I’ll be back let’s get lost again tomorrow you.

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