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Places To Visit In Los Angeles

Los Angeles which means the City of Angels is a wonderful place in California and is home to many Hollywood superstars. It is a place that many wish to go and you can see a steady stream of visitors every day to this city. When you visit Los Angeles you should visit the following places:

Hollywood Walk Of Fame:

Los Angeles is famous for Hollywood and for people who follow film stars the Hollywood Walk Of Fame is a must see. It is a huge tourist attraction and you can find a lot of tourists enjoying the atmosphere and also photographing themselves with their favourite stars. You will find street performers performing here. Wax models of film stars are also available and you can pose with them. You can also view the Chinese theatre, the place where most of the world’s film premieres happen.

The Hollywood Sign:

The Hollywood sign is very famous. You would have seen this sign in many movies. You can go on top of the hill and get photographed with the sign.

Rodeo Drive:

If you love to shop then Rodeo Drive is the place to be. If you are on a shoestring budget, do not worry you can do some window shopping and enjoy the place. After all, Rodeo Drive is the place where the actors shop.

Venice Beach:

Venice beach is for the fitness enthusiasts. You will see a lot of beach workouts here. You can also join and enjoy the fun.


A must visit place if you have kids and even if you do not have kids. Enjoy the tour and the many rides on offer. Take photographs with Disney characters and relive your childhood.

Los Angeles Zoo:

For the animal lovers this is a must visit. There are plenty of animals and birds here and you can enjoy visiting them.

Universal Studios:

Here you will not only find rides but you can learn the intricacies of movie making too. A must visit for the film enthusiast.

Staying in Los Angeles is not a problem as there are various types of accommodation available and for all price ranges. However, it is better to plan in advance and book the type of accommodation you want. With the advent of technology booking hotels has become an easy task. All you need to do is visit hotel booking websites and book the hotel. With mobile technology also developing fast, you can book hotels by just clicking on your smart phone. There are many comparison websites too. In these websites, you will be able to compare the price for the room in various hotels. You can compare amenities and other services too. Once you are satisfied with a hotel you can book by clicking on that website itself.

Traveling can be a problem in Los Angeles if you plan to visit all the places mentioned above. However, it would be ideal to book a cab and go about visiting all the places to visit in Los Angeles.

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