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If you are looking for a great retreat check out this retreat venue in PA.

Located in Lancaster County PA, this retreat offers a heavenly area on 100 acres of wood for a wonderful retreat for Christian groups and churches.

Surround by nature in this scenic location of PA, your retreat can recharge yourself teach your children about nature, and help you center yourself spiritually.

What the retreat offers
On top of the beautiful nature and centering yourself spiritually there are many activities and facilities that you or your children can use.
There are several meeting rooms that you can choose to use to help bring your group together.
Some of the facilities include; lake, nature center, hiking trails, as well as volleyball, basketball, and shuffleboard courts.
Activities include; team building, survival skills, archery, and GPS scavenger hunt to name a few.
Lodging is broken into different sections which are hotel motel private rooms with private bathrooms, cabins, or dormitory style lodging.
Summer camp is another item the retreat offers as well as outdoor education.

Events offered by the retreat
Some of the annual events are things such as; golf outing, silent sanctuary retreats, Fall Banquet, Bike-a-Thon and Family Camp to name a few.

Outdoor Education
The outdoor education provides students of all ages the chance to learn about nature by exploring, identifying, and analyzing different parts of an unprocessed world.

Additional facilities
Additional facilities include a gift shop, a sitting lounge, dining hall, pavilions and amphitheater and more. Each designed with learning and relaxation in mind.

Fan the Flames Marriage Intensives
Whether your marriage is just starting to have issues or you think it is on its last leg, join our fan the flames marriage intensives and learn how to not only save your marriage but make it better than it ever was.
You will have 20 hours of counseling and coaching to help you revive your marriage and learn skills that you can continue to use to continue the building and keep you close instead of your marriage being strained and breaking.

If you are looking for retreat that will teach you skills, educate you about nature, or help you learn the tools you need to have a solid marriage Black Rock Retreat is a must check out for you. Prices are economical and cover lodging, food, and activities and facilities for groups both large and small.

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