Map of Aleppo

Misfortunes come unexpected and uninvited. Travel insurance, therefore, is utmost essential when it comes to holidaying abroad. Leaving your country, without getting travel insurance, can land you in a sea of troubles if something happens. Your entire trip might get cancelled or there might be a terrorist attack that lands you in a hospital. Hence, it’s advisable to get travel insurance immediately (preferably within 48 hours) after booking a flight ticket. It’s better to get your insurance booked from a legitimate company as you get covered for different things.

Confused about where to book travel insurance? Well, there are sites like allowing you to compare policies. Carefully choose travel insurance as the prices vary depending on what you want to be covered for. There are various sites including which allow you to find the cheapest flight deals and book travel insurance simultaneously. Flight Network offers various products from RBC Insurance, an arm of Royal Bank of Canada and CSA Travel Protection. Here’s why you need travel insurance

Accident and other medical emergencies

This is the No.1 reason to go for travel insurance. For instance, you are travelling to the US and meet with an accident there. Hospital costs, alone, in the US can run up to tens of thousands of dollars which might be difficult to pay. But with travel insurance, you no longer need to worry about those escalating medical costs.

Loss of baggage

It is not uncommon to lose your luggage while on an international trip. Mistakes do happen. Instead of repenting on the lost luggage, it’s better to go for travel insurance. It’s true that the lost luggage might include some precious things but then at least you do get a monetary compensation.

Trip cancellation

What if you get seriously ill or a closed relative dies before you get on board? Well, travel insurance covers you from such unforeseen circumstances. Before you buy travel insurance, carefully go through its terms and conditions as not every plan covers this contingency. Many plans just cover pre-booked and non-refundable costs.

Other benefits

For instance, you got into a medical emergency and require someone to get you back home. Travel insurance offers amazing benefits for this emergency travel and covers the lodging and boarding expenses for your family while you are in hospital. In worst case scenarios, when a person dies, the insurance offers death benefits too.

So, next time you plan a holiday aboard, don’t miss out on travel insurance as it protects against uncertainties and gives complete peace of mind!

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