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I’ve lost track say something our final full day in Kyoto we’re in the transition, and we’re very tired we’re heading right now to the Japanese Monkey Forest monkey jungle hello as well you’re in little place in monkeys, and the monkeys here are really ugly they have red faces, and red bucks. So I don’t know should be okay but I don’t really want them touching me.

Because they’re scary, and yeah we’re in this random suburb in Kyoto we took the metro to get here, and like all the metros amazing in Japan it’s so easy to get around everything’s really fast we have junior passes. So we can take the metro as much as we need for the next week cost like $300 oh.

I love Japan. And I love my friends great pace Gary trying to catch me red, and dirty. So we are here in the bamboo forest it is very cool it’s green, and it’s tall definitely bamboo, and we are here in the tourist trap bamboo forest, and said that the scent of the bamboo attracts the tourists as you can see they are flocking here to get photos, and send home to the families exciting picking on our little sister you okay lah.

Map of Kyoto Japan Photo Gallery

So I just not a lifehack came through this gate, and now. I’m in the wild the bamboo forest is my concern the gates either keeping something in or keeping something out, and there’s probably like some sort of like diamond Babu creature in here can do bamboo bamboo bamboo many panda bears come through here with Instagram follow us at law read Clara, and Chris Lord knows we’ll never we’ll never make it work cool photo ler. So I opened the gate, and now all the tourists are going through here there’s like twenty maybe thirty people out there now it just as many selfie poles as there are bamboo sticks in here yes there’s dozens of people, and almost half of them have selfie sticks that’s what has happened today this is.

So beautiful. So now we have to cross the river go to the other side. Because we’re going to the Monkey Forest which is somewhere over there such a cute little town so.

We’ve just arrived at the monkey jungle, and it says here don’t stare at the monkeys in the eyes don’t touch the monkeys don’t feed them outside food, and don’t take a picture on the way. So basically. I’m getting idea these monkeys are killers.

So you have to walk 20 minutes to go see the monkeys once you’ve entered through the gate for about five to ten minutes into our walk should be there soon quite the hike we are now at the top. And I’ve spotted our first primate. I’m making eye contact the other bums are so gross the babies are so cute all jumping here he comes whoa jeez like a parkour master oh don’t make eye contact coming towards me yep this is how it ends these ones squirt out big time the phone bags that rock do you know as we keeps reminding people not to stare. I guess if you make eye contact they get angry or something.

I’ve stared at this one for a bit. I’ve noticed he kind of seems irritated when we high contact oh. I definitely don’t find his monkeys as cutest ones in Bali.

But they’re cool the babies are adorable they’ve obviously learned to come here to get food Oh clean up settled man holy little demon creature Mike look dad it’s so funny just look at those little hands quit playing games in, and from the top of the hill here you can see we’re overlooking this city. I don’t know if this technically Kyoto we might be outside of Kyoto now.

But this is the hill we hiked up took about 20 minutes to get up here it was actually kind of tough huh she’s so cute little baby monkey oh it scared me Dean oh my gosh look at the little baby it’s just clinging on to its mom that’s so funny.

So Oh guys there’s enough peanuts for everyone when one bay is hungry have you got over 20 seconds you’re being mean I don’t think. I want to give you away friendship give me give me.

I’m sure the mom gets so much food just like brownie point then everyone wants to feed them all yes you’re on the baby yeah first. I repeat a baby no way honey even the fish here have learned to eat from the humans.

I guess with everyone throws food in the water. But they like kind of like jump out towards the rocks open all throw them complete look there.

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