How to Travel in THE CARIBBEAN

Bring back summer good morning guys. I’m embarrassed to admit.

I slept in until 12:30 today, and the day is just beginning yeah good afternoon. I just said morning to people this morning we were supposed to go snorkeling. But we slept in like majorly, and yeah some chicken kebabs with some rice, and coffee sir.

So the weather was supposed to be rainy like every day, and this is what we had everyday without nothing. But nice weather there she is getting her first rays of Sun its first time tanning since the car here. I need to go edit.

So my tanning time will come oh my gosh this ground is. So fun oh. I can’t put shoes on to the ground it’s really hot if.

I actually drop this camera in the sand yesterday of course. I did, and now there’s two specks of sand like in the screen which is what happened to Christians law cameras if he’s using mine, and now Maya has sand in it oh dear gosh golly. But that’s okay.

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So it looks like she’s wearing a shirt a little awkward. So this is the wrap. I bought the other day at the beach.

I love these wraps. Because you can wear them as a dress you can wear them as it just cover-up you can use them as a towel hello. I know it’s very hot look what the cat dragged in oh he’s working.

I’m so stoked just blog is like a micro blog instead of being like the five to seven hours which is going on blogs recently this one only took about an hour, and a half. I’m gonna go put away my laptop, and take advantage of this view why are there.

So many helicopters my go design what a beautiful beach stuff there’s only that one sir we went to the train station. I held you home last time hope is to stay the manner you drone how does it go Christian we’re gonna get him another mojito Abby dropped the g7x in the sand, and now it has sand behind the lens, and like that’s a serious issue with the camera. I’ve now returned it three times to get dust or sand from behind the lens.

But in all fairness. I’m almost always on a beach. So it’s bound to happen in any case we have a couple Mickey toes we’re gonna play some volleyball assuming you find a ball we might not play some volleyball too lazy to walk over there.

So I’m gonna show you what my zoom does look at that you’re setting up this beautiful dinner for all the influencers what did you do today Abby Abby making friends, and taking balls. I need to go through the volleyball you guys. I’ve got a massive fan base in the Dominican Republic.

So just as you guys want if. I have set up a fan meetup, and the day has finally come where where’d everyone go they said six o’clock look at that beautiful sky check the forecast before coming, and it was six days of the seven days was like full torrential downpour like thunderstorm warnings, and we have had nothing. But beautiful sunlight oh my gosh what the heck sir sir.

I’m gonna need to check your wristband sir are you a member of the club sir come back here sir we got a 901 we got an intruder here folks come here you use you think you’re slick come back here we’re gonna do sports what’s up. But we are going for a dinner right now or we’re going for dinner at 7:15. I feel like.

I can’t hold this thing straight it’s autofocusing okay Christian is definitely like flexor you can see weight lifts when you check if it’s Abby’s new wardrobe compliments lemare Canada hi guys. So we are about to sit down yet another romantic dinner my battery’s about to die welcome to the Dominican Republic stories, and have read Lara’s extensions are all over the table it’s really nicely blended. So we had some duck liver on cracker also known as Bob likes French a bit of creme I have some sort of like a shrimp Oh lor.

I just like had the best soup in the friggin world. But it’s not only soup is pretty much like melted cheese with cream, and it’s the best thing. I’ve ever had eyes too early all right.

So we got some what looks like a lobster scallop clamor mollusks. I don’t really know final meal of the day all right DJ literally fell asleep mid-set gotta miss that maybe like two songs, and he’s like passed down Coco Bongo we have arrived at Coco Bongo. I went to the bathroom, and now, and we are back Coco Bongo was lit, and that is the end of the blog let’s get lost again tomorrow.

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