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How do you imagine your vacation? Of course outside the bustling mega on fox! Pastime in nature – that’s the best leisure! And that would be at least enjoy the rest, most clearly to spend a few days or even weeks – you need to know a few simple rules. Expedition online shop is ready to share with you the secrets of travel.

So, going on a long journey the first thing you need to worry – this is the place for the night. Of course, it is possible to remove a country house or a room in a recreation center. But the walls become boring and want freedom. The best solution – a tent for camping. How to Choose a Camping Tent? Naturally, it must be of high quality and reliable. Pay attention to credit for set design, the number of layers and waterproof material. Resistance to wind and blotting provide you with a reliable tourist home even when a sudden change on weather conditions.

Choosing a tent for yourself and your loved one – note 2 or even 3-bed tent. If you are planning a vacation with friends, then a 4 person tent is a great choice. The presence of mosquito nets, vestibule and windows are welcome, because good air circulation and protection from insects nobody has to interfere.

Tent HIGH PEAK Texel 4 is equipped with a ventilation window and special upper canopy. Which to choose a tent for those who cannot sleep on solid ground? Pay attention to the tent, cot with mattress. It would be ideal for a couple who appreciate comfort, because this model is equipped with a 2 bed and comfortable mattress.

According to its purpose tents for on course fall into the tent for the plain, middle and high mountains. In turn, each of these species on to DVIEW depending on the terrain on which they will ICs for. So, alpine tents are assault and expeditionary. The former are intended for long passages without creating a base camp. By this reason, they should be as easy and simple to assemble.

The second most stationary IP for to create a base camp on this wind-resistant and they have a very rigid structure with at bodied withstand the pressure of snow in the case of an avalanche. Such situations must be provided in advance and to bring in to the course of sleeping bags for extreme temperatures, gas lamps for heating, lights. In addition to this it is necessary to choose a flask of water for more. Tents for midlands easier expedition, but heavier assault. They are more comfortable, but also more expensive.

There are also tents for camping. They are very roomy and can be composed of several rooms and even corridors. Often, these tents have a height of two meters or more for the free movement of people within them. Unfortunately, camping tents quite heavy for this can be the IP on exclusively for outdoor recreation. An example of a quality tent camping tent is the Sphinx company Tramp, consisting of the main compartment and a roomy vestibule. Tent on the perimeter is equipped with a skirt you to function of protection from moisture. Has two inputs and two vents.

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