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Preventing credit card fraud may be easier than you think. While there’s no guarantee that you can avoid fraud or credit card theft, these tips will make it more difficult for crooks to target you. Tim from from lists down do’s and don’ts to prevent credit card fraud while travelling.
Sign your credit cards as soon as they arrive.
Keep a record of your account information in a secure place. This should include your card numbers and their expiration dates, as well as contact information for each credit card company.
Carry your credit cards as securely as you can. Consider keeping them somewhere other than your wallet, such as a zippered compartment or business card holder. Only carry cards you anticipate using.
Try to keep an eye on your card during transactions, and get it back as soon as you can.
Save receipts to compare with your monthly billing statements, and void any incorrect receipts. Destroy carbons of your card.

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Check for questionable charges or other anomalies on your monthly bills, as you would for your checking account. If you find a questionable charge, report it in writing to the card issuer immediately.
Give your card company advance notice of a change in address.
Cut up old or expired credit cards before throwing them away. Make sure to cut through the account number. Shred any documents containing your account number before you dispose of them.
Lend your credit cards to anyone or leave cards and receipts lying around.
Disclose account information over the phone unless you’re certain you’re talking to a reputable party.
Write account information on the outside of an envelope or on a postcard.
Sign blank receipts or charge slips. Do draw a line through blank spaces on charge slips so that the total amount cannot be changed.
Stolen or Lost Cards:
If you know or suspect that your credit card has been lost or stolen, contact the issuer immediately. Most companies have toll-free numbers to deal with such emergencies on a 24-hour basis. Once you report the loss or theft, you should have no further responsibility for unauthorized charges and your maximum liability is $50 per card.

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