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Traveling from one continent to another can be overwhelming. Unless you know a lot about the continent or the country you are traveling to, every step can be a major challenge. Factor these in: an American traveling to London for the first time will have to deal with the right hand drive challenge, an European, American, Canadian or Australian will have to deal with certain roads in India that don’t have well demarcated lanes and the sheer crowd and populace will blow your mind. From the unfiltered and thus unhealthy tap water in most parts of India to the quaint restrictions to liberty in China, there are many shocks awaiting any traveler crisscrossing continents. But there is a lot to explore as well.

Here are some tips for those who travel from one continent to another.

First, get accustomed with the weather and prepare accordingly. When you traverse a continent, even at the same latitude, there are bound to be massive topographical and climactic changes. While Miami in Florida, US, has a tropical climate and so does Chennai in Tamil Nadu, India, the weather in the two cities isn’t the same. Find out about the weather at the time of travel and the general climate across the year. Accordingly, pack in some apt dresses. You may want to shop when you get there but be aware to begin with.

Be aware of the rules, especially the laws pertaining to social lives and customs applicable to the place’s culture. For instance, public display of affection isn’t acceptable in India. Religious places need you to open your shoes before you walk in. You may need special headscarves or caps when you get to certain religious places. All such customs must be respected and you need to know them beforehand.

You need to know about travel restrictions if any. Your Visa, whether pre-issued or issued on arrival, may permit you to travel to selected destinations. You may not have the right to travel across the country or continent. Not every continent is like the European Union.

You may also want to consider hiring some cheap international couriers for parcel delivery to India or some other country and continent you would be traveling to. Baggage limits and management or handling standards of luggage aren’t the same across the world. You have to adhere to the local laws. To be safe, you should consider a courier company like Courierpoint for parcel delivery to India.

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