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Whether this is your first trip to Big Sky, Montana or you visit as often as possible, you will always see something new and experience something different. Big Sky truly has something special to offer everyone. The outdoors country is unlike anything else found in the United States. The pure air, the incredible mountain ranges and the ever expanding sky that just seems to stretch on forever. Whatever your passion or your desire though, taking advantage of a shuttle to Big Sky is your ticket to adventure. Why lose track of where you are or constantly stare at your cell phone for directions when you should be enjoying the world around you. Thanks to the private, luxury vehicle services, you can take your nose out of a screen it point it towards true outdoor beauty.

Experience Ousel Falls Trail

If you are a hiking lover and something who enjoys the natural sound of water, the Ousel Falls Trail is a must. This beautiful, well maintained trail twists and turns throughout the Big Sky wilderness, culminating in the breathtaking Ousel Falls. Just make sure to bring your camera because you’re going to have incredible photographic scenes around every bend.

Set Up Camp with Big Sky Resort

This is one of the truly remarkable resorts not just in Big Sky but around the world. This is the perfect location to set up for the night, weekend or as long as you want. It is going to put you right in the heart of Big Sky while opening you up to the world around you. Whether you want to check out the shops inside of the resort, relax by a fire with a cup of coco or you have been itching to catch some fresh powder and hit the slopes, there is something for you right here. It is what makes the Big Sky Resort a perfect travel destination for the entire family with something for everyone. Plus, with a relaxing, luxurious drive from the airport or out to one of the many other attractions, a shuttle service is going to make sure your level of enjoyment is always high.

Tours For Everyone

With such an expansive country, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. Not to worry, there is something here for everyone and also a tour for everyone. The shuttle service can help take you to the appropriate location or you can check out some of the different listings through your hotel. If you love the relaxing nature of fishing, there are fishing charter tours available. If you’d rather check out the natural countryside from dry land, there are plenty of nature and wildlife tours, or during the warmer months you can try your hand at river rafting. After all, Big Sky is all about bringing you back to nature. It doesn’t matter where you are from or how long you intend to stay, you’ll instantly fall in love with what the area has to offer you, because it is unlike anywhere else in the country.

King of the World

Have you always wanted to feel like a king of the world? Well, then it is time to head to Lone Peak. Here, you’ll be able to look at the breathtaking countryside all around you. So, what do you say? Isn’t it time you came and experienced Big Sky and took in everything it has to offer?

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