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Pune renowned as Poona in earlier days is now a second largest metropolis of Maharashtra. It is one of chief city of the state that draws a large number of travelers to its premises. Along with its beautiful geographical placement, it is blessed with amazing climatic conditions. After Mumbai, it is counted as the best city to explore in state. Though, the city of Pune is known to regional cultural capital of the state. It is even a major hub of educational and academic institutions, which leads it to renowned as Oxford of East. This city is one of chief hub for Defence as well and it even houses several natural delights that lure travelers from all around the world. Vacationers find Pune quite easy to connect, explore and enjoy more in its friendly surroundings. Pune bestows endless opportunities to several opportunity seekers like jobs, business, education etc as it is one of the emerging IT cities of the nation. Here, you will find some great hotels in Pune that is because of emerging Hospitality industry. In the booming sector of Hospitality, this city offers a wide range of standard and budget hotels in Pune, which are the becoming major highlight in the tourism sector of City and state, both.

In the very close proximity of Pune, you will find several weekend gateway destinations. To enjoy the vacation at such places, travelers make Pune as their staying option. Moreover, the names of places near to Pune are Khandala, Alibagh, Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar etc. One can easily reach to these places by simply driving through road. And the amount to be spent on traveling will not cost you much. Especially while making your stay in the budget hotels in Pune will cost you low as you will get wide range of hotels to stay in within an affordable price range can only be availed here. As per the dream of a vacationer is always to spend less money and enjoy more; moreover being to Pune is same as fulfilling this dream. The best thing about the hotels in Pune is that they serve you with all the basic amenities that you need during your stay. They are catering excellent services to their guests.

To find more reliable options for your stay, search through internet. With the help of internet you will get abundant options within your budget. Even you can apply many filters you can shortlist and finalize the hotels where you can plan out your stay easily. Get some deals and discounts as well, as many of the travel portals are offering several packages that can even get customized as per your choice. So, get the one you want and fix the deal in fewer prices. Now, to reach Pune one can pick any mode of commutation out of three i.e. Railways, roadways and Airways. Choose as per your budget and reach to your desirable traveling destination of Pune. So, pack your bags now to have a lovely vacation in the charming surroundings of Poona.

Ankit Wadia, a Travel Journalist by profession likes to visit and explore new places. He has published many articles on the web regarding the travel industry. In this article, he has shared information about the various hotels in Pune where one can stay during their trip to the city.

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