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We’re looking at some of the premium destinations on the continent. Our thanks to CEO travel for the locations. Florence, Italy. The heart of Renaissance Europe. Few other places on Earth can rival Florence’s cultural and historical significance. This is the city that shaped generations of artists, sculptors, architects and musicians. Once the capital of Italy and still the capital of Tuscany, Florence has long been associated with luxurious and elegant tastes.

The modern city was founded by the Medici’s, a banking family who controlled the wealth and political sway of the whole region. Producing 4 popes along the way, once the wealthiest family in Europe, the name Medici, was synonymous with luxury with the family hosting regular banquets, where you would expect to be served. Songbirds, wild boar and mountains of pecorino cheese facing Florence in 2019 affords a host of options. Whether you prefer to stay close to the city’s rustic roots or indulge in one of the city’s many Michelin starred restaurants, including the world famous Anodic obituary, one of only six restaurants in Italy. Accredited with. 3 Michelin stars boasting a wine list with over 200 bottles as Florence is still home to some of the world’s finest artisans and Craftsmen. The city’s visitors can take master classes in perfume making and the sellers of the Spitz Yeti, Palazzo Vichy, or experience. The beautifully frescoed leather workshops of the squalid and go where you can get hands on and learn with a true master.

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And since no luxury trip is complete without a good souvenir, where better to shop than the Gucci Museum where you can acquire limited edition Gucci items. And see exhibitions and a permanent display of the fashion houses. Iconic designs and pieces Seville, Spain the ultimate boutique City Seville is beautiful in every respect, famous for its unique fusion of architectural styles, Seville has a laid back approach to luxury with the belief that the best things are enjoyed at a leisurely pace. A wander around the real Alcazar will be a few hours of your trip well spent. This 14th century palace was built for a Christian ruler by Moorish workers. May is familiar to viewers of Game of Thrones as the setting for Dorne. Home of House Martell after a long walk. Why not relax in a traditional Hammam bath following the city’s ancient candlelit traditions where you’ll be taken on a luxurious sensory journey involving massages, thermal waters and essential oils. Seville is home to one of Spain’s most iconic hotels, the Alfonso 13. Recently fully restored to its resplendent glory. Commissioned by the King of Spain to host foreign dignitaries, the hotel has style in abundance. And luxury throughout from the six banqueting halls to the stunning pools, courtyards and gardens. The hotel has attracted guests including Prince Charles and Princess Diana, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna and countless others. Monaco was built with luxury in mind each year, this tiny principality hosts a yacht show where up to 40 new vessels make their debut, attracting billionaires and tastemakers from across the globe.

Whilst on dry land, many visitors choose to enjoy the Monte Carlo Casino, a destination closely associated with James Bond, even featuring in the films Goldeneye. And never saying never again, perhaps unsurprisingly, in private rooms, there’s no maximum cap on beds, so feel free to move all in. Perhaps you could spend your newfound winning in Monaco’s famous shopping district, which boasts a who’s who parade of designer brands and boutiques. If it’s elegant, sunbathing and swimming, you’re looking for the latter. Beach is one of France’s most stunning beaches. When neither land nor C will do, there’s always the air. Perhaps the best way to view the stunning coast is via helicopter, where you can enjoy surveying the entire principality before speeding off to the Nice airport in just 7 minutes. Vienna, Austria, another destination long associated with high culture in the arts, Vienna is a premium destination like no other from the pomp and grandeur of its concert halls, to the chic sophistication of its vibrant coffee scene, Vienna has something to offer every High Roller. Perhaps you fancy hitting the majestic ski slopes outside of town, or a lesson in dressage at the confusingly named Spanish Riding School. A horse lover’s paradise with over 450 years of history, art lovers can also visit the world famous quotes distortions museum to take in all the sumptuous Gustav Klimt paintings you can handle. Those who want to go a step further and literally taste history can book a private tour of one of the cities.

Many luxury wine Cellars. Our pick is the award winning palette Coburg, which was constructed inside historical ruins from the 16th century. And houses over 60,000 rare and precious bottles. Some of these bottles may even one day appear at The Dirty AM. One of the most important auction houses in the world, established in 1707 by Emperor Joseph, the first with auctions hosted all year round. Esteemed visitors can shop for everything from fine art to exquisite jewelry, vintage guns and classic cars. Prague, Czech Republic. Our pick is the city of 100 Spires, situated on the Vltava river. In Prague you can soak in the elegance and refinement of a stunning array of architecture in the ever present shadow of Prague Castle. This is a city best explored on foot, allowing visitors to immerse themselves and slowly fall in love with the city’s stunning Gothic buildings as well as its plentiful idyllic gardens and parks with a rich cultural history. Few other locations can boast so many hidden gems around every corner. Take this Rahav monastery and its spectacular library, where ancient texts and cabinets of curiosities are surrounded by carved wood. Ornamentation and frescoed ceilings. And while you’re there, why not try some of the beers brewed on site for a truly exclusive experience, there’s no greater luxury than a backstage tour of Prague’s National Theatre, a resplendent symbol of the country’s heritage. After a long day of culture and walking. There’s nothing more luxurious than a candlelit dinner.

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