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Now the weather is warmer and the sun has begun shining, there is no better excuse to get outside and active. The parks are being to fill up with happy picnickers, beers gardens up and down the country are full and slowly but surely more and more people are risking the first BBQ of the year.

Many people associate surfing with the Californian, Australian and South African shorelines, however the UK offers a range of great surfing locations if you’re ready to brave the colder water of course.

Cornwall in the south west of England is renowned around the country for its small, beautiful harbours, delicious fish and chips and some of the best beaches in the country as well as some of the UK’s best surfing locations.

Whether you’re a first time surfer or you have been enjoying the water sport for many years, Cornwall is a unique location with a variety of different surfing beaches with something for every ability.

A great location for family holidays, romantic trips and weekends away with your friends with a range of activities for everyone to enjoy. From fishing to clubbing and camping to shopping, there is plenty to do when not in the water.


Gwithian is a long beach that offers many waves to catch at any one time. The beach is exposed, so catches both the northern and southern swells. The waves are best at low tide, with the south of the beach being famed for the chance of a fast hollow waves, whilst further north up the beach the waves are much bigger. The beach is suitable for surfers of all abilities, from beginners to those experienced on the board.


Sennen is located in the far west of Cornwall, and therefore catching swell from the Atlantic and Biscay. The beach is well known amongst Cornish divers and carries the mantra if it’s flat in Sennen, its flat everywhere and is known as the most accurate surf forecaster in the country.

Waves can reach between six and ten feet, however due to a sandbar mid-tide smaller waves can break right on the beach. Sennen is a spot loved by experienced surfers and better suited to those who know what they are doing beware of the rip-curl.


Widemouth is located on the northern coast of Cornwall and is the perfect spot for those of you new to surfing. The beach is known for its gentle waves over soft sand, making it a lot easier for newbies to learn, however high tide can bring waves of around 6 and 8ft, attracting more experienced surfers.


Perranporth is the longest beach in Cornwall, a millions of sun seekers across the UK visit the beach to enjoy the view, eat delicious Cornish ice cream and, of course, to brave the water. At the height of summer Perranporth is a busy spot, popular with surfers, bodyboarders and kayakers however with many peaks to choose from the competition to catch the biggest is friendly. Beware of rips.

Wherever you decide to go surfing this summer, remember to always read and understand the beach warnings, follow the tide, beware of rips and listen to the advice of the beach life guards. Use this site to check the conditions at your chosen surfing location, and to see which beaches are more suited to your level of surfing ability.

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