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Today the generation, especially boys are interested in bikes and want the latest one to own. But bikes are really expensive and so it becomes difficult to buy. But don’t have to worry now, since there are a lot of mediums to own a bike without putting a lot of money. You can go for aa used bike and pay extremely half the amount of the real new one. This way you can have your bike and also get it in a cheaper amount. Check out the Motorcycle Trader Classifiedstoday!

Things to check:

Overall appearance:

Does the bike look nasty? Does it have scratches and cracks. Appearances sometimes can be deceiving but it should give you the idea of the general condition of the bike. The bike must be symmetrical. If you find the things not aligned it surely means the bike has been crashed or fell hard.

Ask yourself, Does the cosmetic appearance suits to how much I want to pay?


Put bike in neutral, roll the bike forward and gently apply the brakes. They should engage smoothly. If you squeeze the front break lever and it comes back, something’s very wrong. If you don’t have much knowledge, make sure you take a mechanic along. Rear brake, roll the bike forward use the rear brake to stop it, it should engage smoothly.

Brake fluid should be a very light amber. Darker than the color of honey means it needs a replacement. Though not expensive but it gives you the idea that the owner has not followed the maintenance schedule. Inspect the brakes hoses for nicks, cuts, dry-rots and leaks.


Ask the owner how many miles it has been since the clutch had been changed? Owners who know about bikes will surely be able to answer this one. Put the bike in first gear and squeeze the clutch all the way in, roll it forward, it should feel like neutral. Slowly let the clutch out and feel for friction. Clutch friction should be smooth and not abrupt.

Wet clutches may tend to stick. This is often a case when the bike has not been used for long.

Gas tank

Dark gas has been sitting around for long time. This is not a good sign for you. Make sure the gas cap is working it not then this will cost you that extra money.


Ask the owner how many years the tires have. Ask for the owners to take a drive test and then you can judge whether the tires have flat-spots or not balanced.

How do you know if the tires are old? Industries have a standard dating code stamped. Check that and cross check it.


Check to make sure that the headlights are in a working state. Make sure the oil pressure comes out when you turn on the ignition. Make sure the neutral indicator light works properly. And also make sure the starter works.

Batteries are hard to test without a proper tool. They are mysterious and unpredictable.


Look around carefully at the circumference of the wheels. It is easier to say if the wheels are dented when spinning. So get them up in the air and spin them.

Check the speedometer/odometer.

Chain and Exhaust

If the bike has a center stand, put the bike in neutral, raise the rear wheel in the air, and you can check the condition of the chain. By spinning rear wheel slowly you can figure tight spots and other problems.

Look for holes. Sometimes you can hear exhaust leaks. Rust on the exhaust is usually on the surface only and thus merely cosmetic.

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