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While there’s no such thing as romance without finance, it’s become a school of female piranha feeding off a bleeding man and his wallet. Fortunately there are alternative solutions. In reality, there is no truth to the power of the pussy theory. The wallet is the life support system of the pussy. How you use it and control it decides the outcome.

Think of those moments when you’re bored out of your mind, and dating has become a regrettable chore. We all know the feeling…when you try to rationalize all the whining, worthless gold diggers you tolerate for marginal return. What you should be doing is contemplating your sanity.

It only takes one trip abroad for your eyes to be opened to an alternate universe full of aggressive, young girls. This reality is petrifying to the old crone at home. Western women have a significant interest in keeping “their” men and their wallets at home. They have reason to be jealous, as they simply cannot and will not compete. That would require being nice, putting out, and not chasing money. The Sex Tourism women overseas arc a superior female species. Hop on a plane to one of our meticulously planned vacations, and you’ll realize you are not the problem; it’s the women in your life.

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Darwinism is the natural ability to evolve and adapt to the environment for survival. The result here is no surprise. Marriage rates have plunged, and experienced bachelors laugh at loud at the thought of giving an American woman a ring.

In Asia and South America, the essence of being a woman is a cherished quality. They are seductive, exotic, and erotic without moral boundaries. In their culture, there’s no greater insult than to lose a man over bedroom performance. They compete for your attention, hold on to you for dear life, and consider it normal behavior to be insatiable nymphos. Sex is one of the most rewarding and mutually fulfilling things to share with a man. Whether out of love or as a client, if it’s consensual it is worth every minute. There’s nothing degrading at all about satisfying a man, and they look forward to doing it every day with a smile. A few trips under your belt will change your life…many guys say it’s so gratifying, it ruins their life. There can be a rather severe recovery period upon returning home. Many quit dating all together and just take trips every few months.

Coming from the Land of Opportunity, we take for granted our freedom, money, material luxuries, and how fortunate we are. What we don’t take for granted is how passionate, aggressive, and sensual women in other countries are. Complete role reversal. Wherever you go, girls stare you down like sexual stalkers, even when they are sitting with their man. You can approach almost any girl and interview like a champion.

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