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Stay tuned Hong Kong we got Jai here for the miniature poodle we got bebe over here the jumping little Pomeranian hey hi. And then the lion hello your use will be somebody Simba okay see Lee CJ you knock off. And whip of the day yeah actually sorry for being the slow-moving human.

So we here in Hong Kong. And we see lots of rain clouds it just stopped raining we got some food. And everything’s really expensive in Hong Kong.

So burger was like thirty dollars including water. And the water is like ten dollars for water last night. I bought Abby water at the club it was 66 Hong Kong dollars or like twelve Canadian everything’s really good water though is Fiji water its Fiji water.

And it was like 300 mils it was like the smallest you can get it tasted good it was good today we were gonna go on a yacht. And then we were going to go wakeboarding. And then we were going to go on a hike but everything has been basically changed by weather plans.

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And it stopped raining. And. So I guess, we’re gonna go.

And hike again. I don’t know all right pretty good hiking, we’re going kayaking Yan Yan film right ten nearly take your paddling effects, we’re heading over to that little island over there which Murphy is already on because he has a single kayak. And he’s going much faster because he doesn’t have to drag this one along the Sun keeps breaking through at points but yeah we made it, we’re on the island that goes from TST pitch just not me pain not quite the same as a Thai inland island but.

And this drinks on Ptolemais your mother was like Jake was like that’s funny gonna bake right are we off the storm clouds are approaching dunk dunk huh gotta get the viewers just you know anticipating the storm that’s coming well we might not make it back yeah just grabbing some za JJ yo charlie guys let’s go come on yeah go home Knight number two out on the town oh he’s on the run bad guy this huge building there is ozone. And we are going there tomorrow 116 floors in the world’s tallest bar 3 every night at 8 o’clock this entire area has a big light show but we missed it tonight. So hopefully we see it tomorrow tomorrow’s our last night in Hong Kong.

And then we leave in the morning back to Bangkok but, it’s been an awesome trip. So far, we’re meeting Murphy’s dad Michael mu for some dinner here on the rooftop patio upstairs just finished up dinner. And now, we’re going to go to a beer pong Club.

And bar. And meet up with a few friends of Murphy’s Loblaws meet with some of my friends from like during 4 days Murphy’s driver just dropped us off. And now we hittin up Hong Kong the big age K the big party bonanza one deserve where is it oh yeah there’s okay we are now entering reserved billiards loebsack cup beer pong all the above the stakes are.

So high if you lose if the pay like $50. So like 315 or $4 around Braes not jump is canada vs Hong Kong accounts canonical where we have eight cups to one. And, it’s an overwhelming win for Team Canada here only two cups down.

And we live Hong Kong. So we just left the bar. And luckily.

I got tons of drinks for free because. I didn’t lose a single game but I was.

So stressful because if you do lose you have to spend like $50. So I was playing extremely well tonight. I think because of the financial pressure but now, we’re heading to land fly which is basically like the big clubbing party touristy area or going out in Hong Kong Oh we all got those nights the search fire burning on the dance one you’ll find her because she’s Sean Kingston Amy get you know jackin ins Amy it doesn’t know Amy dead Amy Amy happy birthday yeah actually Amy’s friendly yeah Murphy.

I don’t know you bro Amy Amy exists that’s right hey that’s what that is.

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