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Bagging cheap air tickets is the number one priority for all travelers. Mostly because air tickets are the single biggest expense of any trip abroad. With time and experience, people have come up with multiple ways to save up on airfare. Not all of these ways are effective though. Here are some actual useful tips that will work in your favor when you are looking to save money on your air ticket.

Off-season traveling

You would be amazed how cheap airfares are during the off-season. Summer time and winter break is considered the peak season for traveling and this is when airfares are the highest. However, as we enter the months of September, October, November, January and February, prices go down considerably.

If you search for tickets on sites like Airzen or expedia, you will quickly realize the marked difference in price for travel in December as opposed to travel in February. So yes, when you choose to fly really matters.

Be Flexible

Never get fixed on departure and arrival dates. When searching for air tickets online, always remember to check for fares a few days before and after your intended dates. You would be amazed how much of a difference only a few days can make.

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Air Miles

This is probably the most commonly used idea to bag cheap air tickets. Air Miles were introduced by the airline themselves to attract and retain more customers in this competitive industry. These air miles can be earned either on purchase of airline tickets as part of frequent flyer programs or online on different forums. So you have the option to buy them at once online or accumulate them over time as you travel around. These miles can be redeemed to get discounts on various things including air tickets, accommodation and even shopping.

Fly on lesser known airline

Lesser known airlines have to offer lower airfares. They have no other choice as this is the only reason why they have a customer base. While yes the flying experience may not be as good as other popular airlines, the reduction in price definitely makes up for this.

Pick odd flights

Generally airlines are willing to offer lower airfare for flights that have odd timings as most travelers usually avoid such flights. Flights that depart very late and arrive at odd times are cheaper than flights that operate in a good timeframe.

Erase the browser cookies

Clearing the browser cookies and history actually helps generate better results. This is a tried and tested technique so there is no room for argument as to whether it is a myth or not.

Fly to lesser busy airports
Flying to remote and lesser busy airports is always helpful as flights landing at these airports are cheaper than the rest. You can always land a bit away from your destination and later drive to your destination either by taxi or bus. But always do a cost benefit analysis before you make such a decision.

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