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Touring the world’s top casinos – our pick of five of the best
The biggest, most glamorous and luxurious casinos are no longer simply the reserve of the Las Vegas strip.

Impressively designed buildings boasting literally thousands of square feet of gaming space upon which thousands of gamers, gamblers and pure chances turn over millions upon millions of dollars can be found on every content, in every country, and all with something that really makes them stand out from the crowd.

Wherever you’re planning to go on your next trip, if you’ve got an urge to splash some cash and try your luck at bagging yourself a jackpot, here’s our pick of some of the world’s top casinos, and there isn’t a Las Vegas joint in sight!

The Venetian Macao – Macau, China

China is certainly not short of awe-inspiring casinos, and you’d be hard pressed to choose just one of the many sprawling game arenas to declare as a favourite, but for our money, it has to be The Venetian.

Placed throughout its 546,000 of Venice-themed decor, you’ll find no less than 3,000 gaming machines, as many hotel rooms (so in theory, every hotel room gets its own gaming machine), 27 bars and restaurants, four pools and three large shopping centres. If that isn’t a testament to the grandiosity of the world of casinos, we don’t know what is.

Aspers – London and other UK locations

London’s Aspers is well renowned as one of the United Kingdom’s top casinos, and its sister sites in Newcastle, Milton Keynes and Northampton all have to be seen to be believed.

Aspers are open right around the clock, welcoming guests from across the country who pile into enjoy lavish surroundings, more games and bigger prizes than anywhere else in the UK, wine bars and restaurants and enjoyment aplenty.

Foxwood Casinos, Ledyard, Connecticut

The state of Connecticut in the United States is well known for its wealth and prominence, so it’s no surprise that The Constitution State has one of the world’s most majestic casinos.

Foxwood actually combines several casinos which among them contain over 7,000 gaming machines and 400 table games, over 800 hotel rooms and 29 bars and restaurants, all spread spaciously across a staggering 340,000 square feet of gambling heaven.

Rio Hotel, Casino and Convention Resort, Klerksdrop, South Africa

Over to another continent we go next, to find the spirit of a grand Brazilian carnival live and in living colour in the heart of Africa.

Rio’s 266,330 square feet contains just 257 gaming machines and only 12 tables for poker and similar games, so its definitely not the biggest casino in the world, but then, size isn’t everything.

We love this one simply for the carnival feel, the vibrancy and electric atmosphere that is hard to find elsewhere.

Casino Baden-Baden, Germany

And finally, back to Europe we go. Here, we find Casino Baden Baden, known throughout the world for its levels of style, sophistication and elegance.

Again, this may not be the biggest casino in the world with just 130 slot machines and several tables, but again, that’s not what we’re looking at here. We’re looking at how visually appealing, how comfortable, how glamorous this place is, and as anyone who’s ever been to Baden-Baden knows, you can’t write a list of the top casinos in the world without it.

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