Day two with scoopy.

I’m gonna go explore Coulson wait we are back at Big C we’re going to get lunch here, and again it’s like 40 or 50 boxes of great food really stoked. So these are little water guns you’re seeing they’re storing up for some Quran which will be in like a week, I’ll be in Bangkok for that, and everyone will be in the streets with these these are little dinky ones stepping into the more serious munitions the intermediates looking at some different models we have the Gamble’s in the ATA’s so the Gamble’s have mixed in folks the adders are great for altering their bit wider in the goal limit of data straight out of Munich Germany 2018 at us guaranteed to get you where you need to be Adrienne’s been an out of owner for a while now okay out of pride yeah just yeah des please.

I’m getting cap chicken-noodle steams more like a dollar 50 there have you come to big seat maybe just specify that you don’t necessarily want chicken feet in your soup unless you’re into that kind of thing then ask for it alright guys. I’m going to go buy something else. I’m not eating the rest at soup.

Map of KOH SAMUI Photo Gallery

I’ve never in my life had chicken feet in my shoes. And I really hope it doesn’t happen again with yellow rice no feet please thank you big seat for a delicious delectable chicken foot now me, and Adrian are going to a night according to the wrong bike that’s wrong bike. I got my Addas out of chicken foot.

I had an amazing time today Big C alright guys. So we are just about at the elephant trekking place, and you may be thinking why you went to elephant trekking it’s super unethical, and you’re right it’s extremely unethical. And I’m actually gathering footage for a totally different purpose than you may expect you can see all of these elephants have tiny tiny chains that barely allow them to walk they’re just kind of stuck in these pins until it’s time to be ridden by tourists think twice before you decide to ride, and support these businesses.

So look at this elfin here it probably has about three feet of leeway on that rope. So all it can do is rock back, and forth, and this is only. Because people decide to ride them that’s where the money’s coming from, and that’s why there’s more, and more of it going on you’re planning on going elephant trekking cancel those arrangements, and do not go.

Because it’s extremely unethical, and it’s so bad on the elephants oh yeah they not even put towels this blue though. I got a really big team we need some really nice friends in our my age which is all over there like where most of the tourists go, and Akbar is the biggest beach party in Samoyed, and it’s pretty much like a mini muumuu party get a few beers, and yeah it was really really good time this looks like the gates de Narnia just like not real yeah.

So beautiful. So this lookout point based on this is like oh dear in coastal boy you wanna see Gatorade everywhere come to light. So we’re going to jungle club now it’s an amazing lookout point literally barely made it up the hill Scooby’s working real hard for a 50cc scooter.

But out with the steepest hill for this little tiny dinky scooter. I thought the engine was literally about to blow up on me. But we made it now with the top, and we’re going to jungle Club yeah you’re.

So small. I am puffer you didn’t play it up. So amazing all right this is the view at Jungle Club, and okay yeah yeah this is absolutely incredible we just got shakes, and beer can’t beat this view guys Cole Samui has not disappointed not many places you can get a view like this all right we’re leaving jungle club now time to get back on scoopy you barely survived the hill up hopefully he can make the way down what an amazing view that was they did try to rip me off at the end they like pretended that I’d been refunded stuff, and like pretty sure they have a scam going on at the front desk.

But whatever it was worth of you wow it is. So beautiful oh we’re going to this lookout point Gilly that’s all. I ever do is go to lookout points.

But there’s one with the giant golden temple on top of it, and that’s where we’re heading right now the Sun is setting it’s been an amazing time in Koh Samui, and tomorrow. I head to railay beach pulling up with the squad we just arrived at Tesco we’re going to get some food. But first.

I wanted to take a brief moment to thank my sponsors add getting you to destination one foot at a time giving you a caffeine high when you are tired Bertie starting to think Scoobies are hardly. So at least no there won’t be chicken feet in there. But there might be pig feet this looks.

So good it’s marinated pork with rice, and it costs me a dollar, and a half. I love it all the way in coastal boy we got a Dairy Queen, and they’re cheap. So you can get a chocolate chip blizzard for like 75 cents only 19 baht that’s.

So cheap, and they have mango, and sticky rice blizzards all right guys. I just took money out of the ATM someone it out see how I take money out when.

I’m traveling find a reputable ATM like one of these ones one that’s attached to a bank. Because they’re less likely to skim your card for information, and generally you want to take out a bit more money at once. Because you do get hit with these.

So every time. I withdraw. I pay an ATM fee of about six to seven dollars.

And I pay my home bank e. So that’s like another $5. So it’s really expensive to be making withdrawals make as few as possible.

But obviously be careful if you don’t want to have all your money on you at once kind of a fine balance oh my god hey. So we’re in his head temple which is up on a hill, and it’s under renovations that’s cool the Sun has just set behind those mountains, and amok at first. I thought it was a leaf yeah let’s scare the crap.

And So look at this frog ribbit we just screamed like a couple of girls as we walked by this product your fresh snap story every two days countless hours a tire blowout later scoopy you’ve been amazing, I’ll miss you goodbye my noble steed back to riding like a loser let’s go all right guys what better way to finish kösem away than a massage as we just go back to Adrian’s. I’m going to finish a blog tonight it’s only like 10 but. I’ve got my ferry tomorrow.

I have to check in at 8:30 a.m. luckily it’s pretty close to here.

So it’s not too big of a deal. But tomorrow. I’m going to railay beach.

I’m really excited about that. I’ve never been before. And I don’t think too many people have it’s actually really well known for rock climbing.

So it’s got some dramatic rocks, and cliffs right along the beach, and it’s actually not an island it’s on the mainland it’s on the west coast near krabi anyways doesn’t really matter you guys will see it tomorrow, and Matt the guy with the dreads he’s actually just messaged me on Facebook. So it sounds like he’ll be joining me there he was planning to stay in Campania but I invited him to join me, and Riley.

I think he’s coming. So really stoked on that other than that that seemed the blog for tonight, I’ll see you guys tomorrow really stoked gonna be good day see you later guys good Oh.

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