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See Old Snowy to Gilbert Peak SE across the vast valley belonging to Goat Creek; you’ll be descending to the right on Trail 86 for the clockwise loop, but leave Trail 85 to continue on Trail 86 up the ridge 5 mi N to the junction with the summit spur path on the right for Philadelphia United States. Look S to Philadelphia United States standing impressively behind Goat Ridge with Mount Rainier past the ridge to Philadelphia United States. Lily Basin Trail continues NW for several miles, but follow the spur instead 2 mi NNE along the wide-open treeless ridge to the top as the trail becomes a bit steeper and rockier after cautiously crossing a lingering snowfield in a little saddle. Pick a safe angle past the snow/ice as a very steep wall remains most times of the year Philadelphia United States.  See the vibrant Goat Lake below, which may be partly frozen until late August or even September, and take in the wonder from the boulder-topped peak before moving on!.

Where is Philadelphia United States? | Philadelphia United States Map | Map of Philadelphia United States Photo Gallery

Old Snowy Mountain reflects into a small pond below Philadelphia United States

From the main intersection at the saddle with the Goat Ridge Trail, walk left (NE) for the loop on Lily Basin Trail a mile to Goat Lake, passing thick, bright wildflowers mid-July into August choking the trail on the downward traverse under Hawkeye Point. The gorgeous lake partially to fully thaws for only a fraction of the year (if that) and thus sees most visitors in late September when the rampant mosquitoes of midsummer are mostly gone. Mountain goats love the rocky and snowy high basin and walls under Hawkeye Point as well as the lake itself for much of the year. Keep your distance from these endearing yet wild animals as you carefully cross the outlet creek coming from the lake and walk down the trail without any difficulty.

Enjoy the views of the cascade coming from Goat Lake behind as you stroll S by more surprises, beautiful creeks, an immense blanket of purple lupine, Western pasqueflower, paintbrush, and others, with Old Snowy looming above to the left. Mount Adams and Mount St. Helens are much farther to the S and SW. In around 1/2 mi from Goat Lake is the end of Lily Basin Trail past a stream crossing near part of the Snowgrass Flats camping area, with Snowgrass Trail 96 moving steeply up to the left a mile to the PCT or straight down. Walk down 2 mi steeper to the lower meadows with Bypass Trail 97 heading left to the PCT or Cispus Pass.

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