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So JoJo has not much cash left from her worldly travels and also would like to see what her door step has to offer though In terms of expensive European countries, Spain can be the worst. As one of the countries with the largest amount of tourism in the world, there are plenty of services in Spain that will cost you a lot of money. However, with a little bit of extra planning, you can get a good deal on travel to cities like Lanzarote.

I had a great time in Lanzarote and found it to be a vibrant place with lots of nightlife and with much exploring of nature to do so let me fill you in on

the best ways to save some cash and what Lanzarote had to offer. It worth also noting that you will need to keep an eye on your smart phone as data usage can be confusing and expensive here is an article to look at saving money with cheap data usage that will help you on your trip.

There are plenty of accommodations right on the seaside in Lanzarote. While they offer great views, they are also very overpriced. If you are willing to stay just a few minutes inland, you can get much better prices on accommodation. You’ll still be able to walk to the beaches within a few minutes to enjoy
the views. Making this small sacrifice can save you a lot of money each day of your trip, since hotels are often the biggest cost on a holiday budget.

There are plenty of beaches and national parks in and around Lanzarote. A hiking trip or a beach excursion can occupy an entire day, saving you money on entertainment costs. One great budget day to have in Lanzarote is to visit Timanfaya National Park. Here you will be able to see some of the natural volcanic features of the area as well as take a guided hiking tour. You’ll be able to get a day of exercise while learning more about the natural forces that formed this area.

One mistake that you may be tempted to make is to eat in tourist restaurants in Lanzarote. However, the local restaurants often have higher quality food at lower prices. Head to where you see the most locals eating, and you’ll know that you’re on the path to finding great and cheap food. Local fishermen deliver high quality seafood products to the local restaurants. With a little bit of effort you’ll be able to try them for a very reasonable price.
When you need to get to or from Lanzarote, consider traveling by boat. Lanzarote’s port is very active, and many ferries travel to and from other ports in
the area. Travel by ferry can be a lot less expensive than other options, especially if you take the public boats. Ferries are quite comfortable in
Lanzarote, and they often have open air spaces where you can watch the scenery go by.
Budget travel in Lanzarote is definitely possible. Although there are many tour operators and overpriced hotels ready to accept your money, a bit of
strategy can get you much better prices and an overall better experience. Use the tips above to plan the cheapest and most fulfilling trip to Lanzarote.

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