Top 10 Most Beautiful Natural Destinations in the USA

Welcome to our travel blog and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most beautiful natural destinations in the USA. For this list, we’re looking at places across EU. S. You can visit that are breathtaking all on their own.

10 Niagara Falls NY

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We know that there is a Canadian bias here, but it’s hard to compete with the view of Niagara Falls in Ontario if you’re unable to cross the border, though, you can still experience the majesty of these mighty falls from EU S given all the skyscrapers in New York, it’s easy for tourists to forget about the city of Niagara Falls. If you need a break from the metropolitan area, get back to nature by traveling 17 miles north northwest of Buffalo, climbing the observation tower, you’ll get. A phenomenal look at the American bridal veil and horseshoe falls for a closer look at horseshoe. Make your way to Terrapin point on Goat Island. Whether you take a boat or helicopter tour, there isn’t a bad vantage point.

9 Everglades National Park Florida

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Florida, is known for its amusement parks and beaches, but the Everglades are what make the Sunshine State such a distinctive addition to the US. Roughly 20% of these tropical wetlands are protected by Everglades National Park. The country’s most extensive tropical wilderness, the park provides a soothing green backdrop for hiking, kayaking, and fishing. It’s also home to a wide variety of different species. If bird watching is your hobby, the white Ibis and roseate spoonbill are just a couple of the fine feathered friends you might cross off your list. For those looking for something a bit more thrilling, hop aboard an airboat for a Gator tour. Whichever animal you seek the plant life and bodies of water will make every moment picture perfect.

8 Yosemite National Park, California

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Like Florida, you may visit California for the theme parks and seashores to answer the call of the wild. However, make your way to Yosemite National Park. Take a brisk nature walk through Mariposa Grove where you’ll bear witness to a vast Wonderland of giant sequoias. If you think the trees are towering, just wait until you see the mountains. Eventually, you’re bound to come across one of the parks, many natural landmarks such as Yosemite Valley, Yosemite. Falls, or Half Dome, all three of which provide ample hiking opportunities. Paddle your way down one of the various lakes or rivers for an especially refreshing view. Then when night falls, head to the campgrounds and sleep under the stars.

7 Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

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Arizona is home to many geological landmarks such as Horseshoe Bend, this incised meander of the Colorado River is about 140 miles from the South and north rim of the Grand Canyon. In 2006, USA TODAY listed the Grand Canyon as one of the world’s new seven wonders, looking over the 277 miles of Red Rock, you’ll quickly understand why 18 miles wide. This Canyon is an all encompassing force that looks as if it could swallow you whole. While most tourists flock to higher elevations, the belly of the beast hosts some of the canyon’s most luxurious sites. There’s an assortment of trails that will provide a more intimate look at the inner Canyon. But be careful of where you step number 6. Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah. While not necessarily as iconic as the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon is more unique in some respects. For starters, it’s not even really a Canyon, but rather an assembly of natural amphitheaters. This National Park is largely distinguished by its countless hoodoos rock Spires that are sometimes referred to as Earth pyramids. In addition to Red Rocks, the area hosts a wide array of colors. From pink to orange to white. On that note, it’s especially wondrous whenever snowfalls, although winter may be the most scenic time to visit, the park is easy on the eyes, year round being the park’s highest point. Rainbow Point arguably provides the most spectacular view. Of course, you’re sure to come across several other astounding sights along the way.

5 the Palouse

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The Palouse covers portions of Idaho, Washington and Oregon. Whichever state you’re in. The regions. Low Rolling Hills provide an almost otherworldly appearance depending on the season. The hills can either look like sand dunes or a massive golf course. Nobody knows for sure where the Palouse’s name originated from, which only adds to the mysterious ambiance. What we do know is that the Palouse is integral to the Pacific Northwest’s agriculture, serving as a source of wheat and legumes. As strange as the geography is, the Palouse encompasses a simple laid back charm, giving it the essence of a Hayao Miyazaki movie. If you’re in Southeast Washington, also seek out Palouse Falls, one of the only active waterfalls left from the Ice Age. Floods.

4 Crater Lake National Park Oregon

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Crater Lake is every bit as cool as it sounds, partly filling a massively deep caldara. The lake itself has a depth of just under 1950 feet, making it the deepest in the country. The highlight is Wizard Island, a volcanic cinder cone that was formed after Mount Mazama many moons ago. As inspiring as Wizard Island is, the park’s highest point is Mount Scott, which stretches up 8934 feet. We’d recommend visiting the park during July, August or September, as those months are usually when the main attractions are open to the public. Keep in mind, however, that just because you drop by in the summer doesn’t mean that you won’t see snow. So dress accordingly. When sightseeing.

3 Acadia National Park, Maine

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Described as the crown jewel. Of the North Atlantic coast, Acadia National Park finds Maine at its most picturesque. This is saying a lot as main is already one of the most attractive states in EU S the best view can be found atop Cadillac Mountain Hancock County’s highest point from the almost 1530 foot summit. You can spot a lush collection of trees and Bar Harbor on the horizon. This natural beauty is only amplified if you climb in time to see the sun either rise or set for more exquisite sites. We’d suggest taking a stroll down Sand Beach, skipping rocks along Jordan Pond, or watching the waves crash by Thunder hole wherever you go, there will be another instagrammable moment all lined up.

2 Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

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A lot of people tend to write off Alaska as a vacation destination, assuming that it’s nothing but a heap of snow and ice. Upon visiting Kenai Fjords National Park, however, you’ll come to discover just how gorgeous Alaska is. A portion of the park. Contains the Harding Icefield, which is more than 700 miles of glacial beauty. Speaking of which, the park is home to 38 glaciers, the longest and largest being Bear Glacier. If you’re into kayaking, there isn’t a better spot in the park then I, Alec Bay, where you’ll find I Alec glacier. While not every glacier is easy to reach, you can simply walk down the parks. One road to Exit Glacier, which is appropriately located towards the end.

1 Yellowstone National Park

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Wyoming, America’s oldest National Park, is also quite possibly its most alluring, while Yellowstone stretches out to Montana and Idaho. The most beautiful landmarks can be found in Wyoming. Grand Prismatic Spring encompasses a majority of the colors found in a rainbow, although the deep blue will dominate your eyes, the old faithful geyser is another one of a kind sight to behold. Promptly erupting at an average height of about 130 feet, you may associate the name Grand Canyon with. Arizona, but you may think differently after feasting your eyes on Yellowstone’s. Of course, you don’t need to seek out one of the major landmarks to understand why Yellowstone tops this list. All it takes is a simple walk through any of its forests.

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