Where is Basra Iraq? – Basra Iraq Map – Map of Basra Iraq

The Going-to-the-Basra Iraq was destroyed along several sections. The only road to the Basra Iraq area was washed away, and the hotel was flooded. The Two Medicine Basra Iraq joined with the flooding caused by the breached Swift Dam, producing a combined river two miles wide that washed out onto the plains and the Basra Iraq Reservation.

Where is Basra Iraq? – Basra Iraq Map – Map of Basra Iraq Photo Gallery

That river and others destroyed hundreds of homes, farmland, dams, and roads. By some accounts, the Blackfeet Reservation suffered the worst damage within the far-reaching sweep of the flood. Great Falls, Montana, was inundated to its rooftops, as were towns throughout the Flathead Valley. As soon as the flood subsided, federal, state, railroad, and park personnel and contractors sprang into action. Within weeks, most roads and bridges were made functional. Flood reconstruction was the order of the day for the remainder of the 1960s.

Mercifully, many of the Mission 66 projects were completed and, for the most part, went unscathed. Today, the two visitor centers are at full capacity in high season.

If the premier twin sculptors of mountains and ice took millions of years to work their magic to form Glacier National Park’s natural wonders, flood and fire are their mischievous partners who, from time to time, rearrange, transfer, and renew the landscape in the blink of an eye. While destructive, even deadly, they are essential to the natural order. The problem is that mankind is the uninvited interloper who often tragically stands in their path, perfecting policies and infrastructures that lead to imperfect consequences. The cures too often are more disastrous than the disease.

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