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Mission trips in any shape or form are not free. And the fact is, for teenagers too, for the most part, they will have to raise some money so they can travel. Here are a few ways in which to raise money for a mission trip for teens:

Write a Letter

This can be a very effective way at raising money for a teen mission trip. But don’t simply place limitations on yourself by writing to some friends and a few family members. Send out a letter to everyone you believe may be in a position to sponsor your trip. And, if you do find that a few of those you’ve written to are happy to furnish your goal, don’t forget to write back to them to thank them.

Talk With the Congregation

Church leaders will possibly permit Christian teens to discuss their upcoming mission trip with the church’s congregation, and that in turn will likely elicit some financial support. There are churches that will go as far as to carry out a special offering as a way to help students to raise some funds for their trip.

Advertise the Mission Trip

Many churches print a weekly bulletin, while many others have a newsletter and a website. Any of these are excellent places to position a short write-up about a mission trip and how to contribute to it.

Fundraising Event

A further popular way to raise funds for a mission trip is to host a fundraising event. Anything from a baking sale to a car wash, the fundraising event is a great way to come up with some cash for an individual or a group. Further ideas for this include chore auctions, coupon books, candy sales, penny drives, dinners, car boot sales, and more.

Raise Your Own Finance

As a way to procure the finances you need, you can opt to sacrifice some of those activities that are costly to you such as outings to Starbucks, eating out with friends, the cinema, or purchasing new clothing. And, rather than receiving presents on your birthday or for Christmas, you can ask for some cash instead. Furthermore, you could take on some odd jobs like mowing lawns, babysitting, washing cars.

Corporate Sponsorship

There are many businesses that set aside a certain amount of money on an annual basis, and this money is used specifically for philanthropic reasons. You could get in touch with local companies and ask if they would be so kind as to contribute to or even sponsor your entire mission trip’s cost. And do remember that the business does not have to have a Christian orientation to give towards your mission trip.

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