Map of Syria

When travelling in a group, or with just about five or more people, your best option is to look for mini bus hire. If you are responsible for transporting a large group from point A to point B, then hiring a coach is even a much more cost effective way of doing so. This is way cheaper than hiring 3 or four taxis to transport people, and has also proven to be the best alternative for educational institutions and companies when transporting large groups of people. Schools can simply hire coaches to take students out on excursions or picnics, companies can make use of same in transporting staff members to places of official assignments, when the number is not too big, a mini bus comes in handy for transporting a small group too.

A mini bus has the capacity to accommodate up to sixteen persons, and also saves time and extra charges involved with hiring a taxi. Again, when compared to using many taxis to transport people, mini buses and coaches have much more bigger space for luggage, the whole group can travel together, carry all their luggage without having to transport luggage in a separate vehicle. Because companies that offer coaches and mini buses hire have expert drivers, your organization or school need not bother itself with the hassle of driving and obeying traffic laws, all you need to do is contact a provider that will transport people based on the capacity you need.

When compared to travelling by train, mini buses and coaches are still better because you can have the driver stop at any location, and continue traveling when you are ready, trains offer very little flexibility as rail tracks are needed and thus you have to transport your group to the train station, which often has fixed departure and arrival times. With mini buses and coaches, you determine when you want your group to depart or arrive at a particular destination. Safeway Coaches, which is the home of executive class coaches, a fully licensed and registered coach operator with The Traffic Commissioners Office (VOSA), offer coach hire from 16-seat super luxury to 70-seat single deck coaches, with a spectacular location in Batley West Yorkshire, Safeway Coaches is situated within 10 minutes of the M1 Junction 40 and M62 Junction 28.

Safeway Coaches offer the latest innovations in contemporary style and comfort, with highly competitive rates, all vehicles used are fully insured with public liability insurance, having well trained and uniformed drivers is also one of the things that sets them apart in the industry. So if you are looking for a corporate hire, you can get clean luxurious coaches for your organization. When you want to outsource your school transportation, Safeway Coaches provides school and college hire with over 25 years of education transport experience.

Hiring coaches and mini buses come with a lot of advantages and is also a good way of maintaining a green environment by minimizing the number of vehicles that emit CO2, which depletes the ozone layer. Having groups of people transported using very little number of vehicles is also cost effective.

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