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Camping Alone In Naples

Authorities have long suggested that the minimum safe size of a group in the wilderness is no less than four so in case of a serious injury, one person could stay with the person and the other two go for help. There’s safety in numbers.

Some of us feel, however, that it’s a mistake to rigidly adhere to such advice at all times. Under the right circumstances it can be very beneficial to go out into the wilderness alone. The experience can be a wonderfully rewarding one.

Don’t even consider camping by yourself, however, unless or until you’re completely proficient in the ways of wilderness living, and know how to take care of yourself in virtually all circumstances and conditions.

The requirement is that you know exactly what you’re doing, and are certain that you can carry it out successfully without a problem or mishap. The risks can never be completely eliminated, but by exercising caution you can keep them to a minimum.

If you believe you’re ready for a solo experience and think you’d enjoy the solitude, give it a try. Be willing to take full responsibility for yourself, however, and stay completely attentive and careful. A serious accident or getting lost while alone could literally mean your life. When in doubt, always go with others.

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