Map of Nigeria

Cocktails to make in Nigeria

Southern Gin Cooler

You will need for 1 glass:

3-4 Ice cubes 3 parts gin

1 teaspoon sugar or soda water

sugar syrup 1 slice fresh lemon

juice 1 fresh lemon 1 sprig fresh mint

1 Put the Ice cubes into a highball glass.

2 Put the sugar, fruit juice and gin over the ice.

3 Stir thoroughly to mix the liquids.

4 Top with soda water.

5 Garnish with lemon and mint and serve.

Short drinks that are stirred

Gin and French

You will need for 1 glass:

1 measure dry French 1 measure gin vermouth

1 Pour vermouth and gin into a sherry glass.

2 Stir very gently, once or twice, and serve.

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