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Vacations are one of the best things that a person or a family can do to get away from the everyday grind and have a break. While there are certain people that plan vacations each year and do not ever know where they are going, there are others who have specific memberships that allow them access to multiple destinations because they are paid members of the club. These vacation clubs make vacationing much less stressful and easy to plan!

What type of membership can I get?

If you are looking for a vacation package experience that gives you the finest things on each vacation, the first club membership can do just that. One of the most expensive things you pay for on vacation is food, and as a first club member your food and beverages are paid for during your vacation. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, and your membership works at them all. In addition to the food, you also will have the finest of suites to stay in that give you the feeling of pure luxury the entire time you are there. In addition to this in your room, you will also be able to have access to the lounge area. This area offers cocktails and food as well as relaxing music and a calming atmosphere.

If you have the money to spend and want the best vacations you could ever dream of, you will want to get information about the grand level membership. While the first club is luxury, the grand level bumps everything up a notch and gives you a truly first class experience. The suites that are offered with this membership offer the best views and most elegant settings possible. You also have access to a private pool, beach area, and Jacuzzi. While at these areas, there is a staff that is there with the sole purpose of serving your bar and food needs. Dining and beverages are also covered, while being given access to a more upscale food menu.

What makes their company better?

The Occidental Vacation Club gives people a choice of multiple locations that they are able choose from so that they can find the perfect location each time they want to take a vacation. Having a membership offers you a wide variety so that you never go to the same place twice unless you want to.

While you are on vacation, you will have to spend very little money unless you are looking for services not included in the package. Food and beverages are usually included in the package, so you will only need spending money and for any excursions you may want to make. Your rooms will also be the best of the best.

If you are looking for the best vacation you can imagine every time you go, the Occidental Vacation Club can give you just that. With all of the locations and the amenities that they offer to their members, whatever package you pick will leave you completely satisfied with your investment.

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