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As a general rule, Brits are making incrementally more trips abroad with every passing year, with Europe the single most popular destination. Much of this has to do with the accessibility and relative familiarity of EU nations, in addition to the competitive cost of flights and accommodation.

Regardless, UK residents made 4% more visits abroad in 2014 than they did during the previous year, while they also spent a staggering £1 billion more during the same period. Interestingly, the length of the average trip also increased during this time, rising by 1.9% to 616.5 million nights.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Travellers: Making Their Day This Year
Upon analysing these figures, a number of trends become evident. Firstly, the concept of global travel is becoming increasingly accessible, with a host of diverse European locations particularly popular among Brits. UK citizens are also increasingly willing to spend longer abroad, blessed with the means, desire and opportunity to explore the world.

The chances are that you will know several people who embody these trends and love nothing more than to travel the world, and Christmas provides you with the ideal opportunity to recognise this with some thoughtful and carefully chosen gifts.

With this in mind, here are some of the best gift ideas for those who love to travel this Christmas:

For the Jet-Setters: Their Very Own Pilot Watch
If you have the means and happen to know someone who lives a thrilling, jet-set lifestyle, a pilot watch represents one of the very best and most relevant gift choices. Available here and boasting an array of alternative designs, these timepieces often come in their own presentation box and benefit from a host of features aimed at regular travellers.
Take the Limited Edition Citizen Chrono watch, for example, which combines precision timing with the latest technology to provide the ultimate in modern timepieces. Thoughtful, stylish and practical in equal measure, it is the ideal gift for jet-setters across the globe.
For the Fashion-Conscious Traveller: Stylish and Unique Cuff Links
For some recipients, the pilot’s watch may seem a little excessive, particularly if they are only sporadic travellers who happen to have a passion for exploration. If they also have a keen sense of style and like to look their best at all times, however, you could do far worse than reward them with their own set of aviation cuff links this Christmas.

You can buy finely detailed, aviation cuff links in a host of designs, including that stylishly replicate classic aircraft shapes (including the iconic Spitfire). These are also relatively affordable at a starting price of around £60, while they can also be presented in a smart and luxurious jewellery box.
For the Novice Traveller with a Sense of Fun: Novelty Gifts With Unique Appeal
For some, travel is a relatively new pastime that has opened their eyes to a brave, new world. Novice travellers retain an enduring sense of fun and adventure, and this demands the type of frivolous, novelty gift that offers genuinely unique (if not exactly long-lasting) appeal.

From airplane-shaped wooden cheese and cutting boards to aviation-themed wine bottle holders, these gifts come in many shapes and sizes and tend to cost anywhere between £15 and £100. They also have an innate sense of fun and uniqueness, which is sure to appeal to anyone who has recently discovered their love of international (and European) travel.
Of course, your final choice of gift will depend primarily on the individual recipient and their precise tastes, but these aviation-themed ideas should at least get your creative juices flowing this Christmas!

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