Hey guys oh good morning guys we are now leaving our little rental place here, and we’re heading to the Hoover Dam we have stopped in a shopping mall my little brother, and my mom forgot their sunglasses. So they’re gonna go pick those up, and later tonight we’re going to go back, and explore more of Las Vegas. I’m hoping to meet someone.

I sound. So desperate but I literally just want to meet some guy who.

I can go hang out with, and go out tonight it’s kind of weird to go out alone. But to be honest. I might try it.

I might go it alone tonight if we’re scheming Aereo. I can’t find someone last night. I got pretty desperate.

So I was talking to Abby’s older sister that she was telling me there’s this app called bumble which. I knew a bumble as a dating app it’s basically like a tinder with a couple differences to it. But what they’ve added is a BFF function.

So now instead of searching for someone to date you can actually search for a same-sex friend. And So I got my profile set up. I added a couple pictures.

So I’m like alright let’s do this. I see my first dude, and he’s 27 years old. I’m like he’s kind of older than.

I am he looks okay like he doesn’t look like a weirdo. But he’s definitely older than me. So I’m gonna pass on this one.

And So I swipe left get rid of him next thing. I know that was the only guy on the app. So I just basically cut off friendships with the only possible match on bumble in Las Vegas.

So goes to show people being picky has a price next time. I’m gonna go for the older guys desperate times come to think of it if you’re in Las Vegas comment down below or let me know. Because we should meet up my Vegas song it’s just me myself.

And I random side note. But life really made me think that slipping on bananas was gonna be a much larger danger than it is. I have yet to see a banana peel demon on the ground a little disappointing same thing with quicksand not much you look fabulous orange mocha frappuccino we have just arrived here at the Hoover Dam about 45 minutes outside of Las Vegas area about to go through two levels of security clearance to get through all right we went down 537 feet, and we are now underground in the heart of the dam.

So basically he was saying every seven seconds when this is at peak capacity we’ll fill an Olympic pool. So this is the actual dam, and you can see here this is where the water used to run naturally between the Colorado River ran down here they actually diverted it created these little side pipes, and during that they built this dam here. Because the water was now running through here, and then once they built this up basically now they have full control they can cut off the inflow of water, and it started filling up the Lake Mead, and that’s a lot Lake we passed on the way here is a natural man-made lake due to blockage being caused by the Hoover Dam learning Lots here at the Hoover Dam there’s a lot more information.

But you guys have to get that by coming here yourselves these are the turbines that create power there’s seven of them any dissent a tour guide was just saying that this room basically is a hollowed-out version of the Hoover Dam. So if you filled this entire room with concrete six point six million tons this is what the Hoover Dam would look like except even longer than this room. So these workers worked every day of the year except for two days Christmas, and July 4 here is some of their lingo that you hear when working as one of their workers Liam’s always goldbricking sandbagging as we call it on a rugby team not only were they work pretty much every day of the year they were being paid $4 a day which keep in mind of course that’s back in the day that’s the different equivalent.

I don’t actually know what that would translate into today that would have been interesting. But this was their best opportunity to make an income during the Depression apparently the workers used to call this the glory hole. So the glory hole was the construction of the Hoover Dam, and then you can see here this is how they actually transported the concrete’s they loaded them up up here, and these were like crane systems that would actually drop into place the little things of concrete.

And I guess they would raise it three inches at a time square by square. So those are the pipes we saw the water comes through here runs around the rotor once which would go up, and spin that crank, and that is what creates the power, and then the water once it’s gone through will gush right through there, and out going further selfish oh. I’ve got the EVGA sure.

So this thing is 726 feet tall. So the generators are in there there they’re there, and they’re there they’re there, and some are Parshin to the Nevada side some of the Arizona sides, and then the water would actually be generated in their spat out back here, and it flows down south going to southern states, and they might even give a trickle to Mexico probably not though Dam Hoover back at it again with the creating power for all of Southwest America all right. So we parked near the highway just near the bridge one two three four five six helicopters all around here.

So many helicopters. I feel. So out of place taking a beer outside.

Because obviously in most places in the world you’re not allowed to drink beer in public. But Nevada allows it. So we’re heading downtown to Vegas we’re gonna go get dinner.

I’m gonna enjoy beer, and then later tonight. I’m going to want to Oak alone it’s gonna be weird we’re back at the volcano that yesterday did not go off due to wind today it looks like it’ll go off we have five minutes wait. I’m really cool no the minions have fallen on hard times, and here comes paul blart surveilling the caesar’s palace wave board is the bestest son it’s a bastard son of a Segway we don’t know what the mother is we do for sure with Annie naked.

So we are inside Caesars Palace that’s probably the coolest H&M you’ll ever see H&M even has a DJ just chillin right up there say cheese he said cheese these are some serious American portion this is a salad could feed a family alright. So I left my mom, and my little brother. And I’m now going solo.

I was going to go to 1 oak. But then they contacted me telling me the basically. I did get insurance papers spelled out before.

I attend. Because I guess I’d be a guest invite at that point. And So that would change the dynamic could be going.

So I don’t know. I’m going to be going to one oak tonight. But they’ve invited me to come out one other night this week but, I’ll have to go sign papers, and stuff.

So kind of annoying. I was planning to go there. But that’s ok, I’ll go ask around figure out some plans for the night, and see where the night takes me if things don’t go well then love could take you right back my first shot of the night is an espresso shot because.

I’m exhausted alright guys we just left the marquee we are now headed to Paris to yawn we’re playing some crabs. I don’t know how to play. But they’re gonna teach me anyway yeah we’re gonna win a lot of money this is what happens when you go out alone good things happen homers hit an all-time low alright guys time to follow big.

I’m gonna learn how to play craps make that money okay guys. I have one like 20 bucks. So far.

I also lost 10. I literally lost all my money in about 15 or 20 minutes difficult beggars luckily. I did not gamble more than Gaspar to lose we will re gamble tomorrow all right.

So just a goodbye to my newfound friends, and it was awesome. I actually had so much fun going out alone tonight.

I have never done that before, and especially somewhere like Vegas it’s a little bit intimidating going up to a club, and being totally alone but. We’ve been I don’t know I i’d spoke to three groups the third group. I really hit it off with, and spend the entire night with they taught me how to gamble.

I lost my money with them what. I do need to do is. I need to figure out where the Mirage is cuz.

I have 10 minutes before my shuttle leaves otherwise they’ll be forking up another 40 bucks to get home no joke. I must have run kilometres everything’s. So far apart can.

I made it by like one second there’s literally a radio ad playing right now about bailing you out of the jail depends singing about how they’ll get you at a jail fee, and we’ll give you a right only give you a hug event since you America evening all right guys just got home. And I’m going to bed now it’s about 1:45 about church in the morning had an amazing time at the Marquee, and an even better time just hanging out with newfound friends. So, I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s blog until then have a good night.

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