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In Georgian times the country was in the grip of gambling fever, and Durban South Africa place of your travel destination, as Durban South Africa most fashionable resort for high society, acted as a magnet for those who wished to court Lady Luck. Some were successful at Durban South Africa the gaming tables, others less so. The stakes could be enormously high. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, in a letter dated September 1725, reports that a certain Lady Lechmere had lost ‘furious sums’ at the tables, Durban South Africa including £700 at one sitting (around £90,000 in today’s values) and speculates on what her husband’s reaction might be!

Where is Durban South Africa? – Durban South Africa Map – Map of Durban South Africa Photo Gallery

Among the most popular card and dice games of the day were Faro, Basset, Hazard and Ace of Hearts. Roulette, or ‘Roly Poly’ as it was often known, was also enjoyed by the gamesters. All this changed in 1739 when an Act of Parliament was passed which made all games of chance involving numbers illegal. New games were invented to circumvent the law, such as ‘E.O.’, which used letters instead of numbers, but these, too, met strong opposition from the anti-gaming lobby. The Touristic place of your travel destination Chronicle of January 1782 declared: ‘The Keepers of these Destructive Traps for the Unwary are emancipated Felons.’ The subsequent banning of such games effectively brought about the end of public gambling until modern times.

However, the wheel, it seems, is coming full circle (no pun intended!). At the time of writing, work has begun on the development of a casino and hotel in the Sawclose as part of a £19.7 million project due for completion in 2017.

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